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SR: GSG 5/25 - Magna Grecia, Ticket to Ride, Breaking Away, Ra, Einfach Genial +

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  • Mark Edwards
    Roll Call: Phil, Ben, Bob, Matt, Bill, Dan, Adam, Brian, Tami and Mark For some reason there was a odd mix of faces last night. For instance Dan showed up for
    Message 1 of 1 , May 26, 2004
      Roll Call: Phil, Ben, Bob, Matt, Bill, Dan, Adam, Brian, Tami and Mark

      For some reason there was a odd mix of faces last night. For instance Dan
      showed up for the 2nd time in two weeks! Adam stopped in for a visit. Ben
      (who's moving back to Maine soon) dropped in as did Bill and Matt. Brian
      was in, then out (due to family emergency), then back in (the doctors
      kicked him out of the hospital) and he brought along Tami. Erik was
      supposed to be in also, but he was then out due to a pet emergency
      (apparently the vets let him stay).

      Magna Grecia: Adam, Bob, Ben and Phil

      Phil's always trying to push this damn game. I sent him to the kiddie
      table with it.

      Ticket to Ride: Matt, Bill, Dan and Mark

      The other table started their game of Magna Grecia so we attempted to
      balance the brain burn with a nice light game of TtR. This is now my 4th
      or 5th play and I must admit it's grown on me a little, but it's still not
      a game I'd seek out. Then again I won't veto it if it's suggested either.

      I got a couple of longer east to west coast routes and concentrated on
      them. After linking them up I went fishing a couple of times and found
      some other routes to link up, but nothing with Miami in it which would've
      been a real coup. I also had longest chain going for me. Yet despite
      linking up 4 sets of destinations and having longest route, Dan beat me by
      a few points.

      I mostly concentrated on my own routes, ignoring the other players' board
      play, and I have a feeling that they were doing their own thing too. So
      there wasn't much screwage, if any, going on, which is a change from most
      of the games I've been in. There also seemed to be a lot more fishing for
      tickets in this game than I've seen before too. It kind of reminded me of
      the end game of Santa Fe Rails.

      En Garde: Brian and Tami

      Brian and Tami arrived a bit late, so while waiting for one of the tables
      to finish they played En Garde with my much sought after version. ;-) I
      don't know the details.

      Breaking Away: Matt, Bill, Brian, Dan, Tami and Mark

      I don't know who suggested BA, but it was a good suggestion. As Bill
      pointed out, this game seems to hit its stride with more players. I've
      played with 6 a couple of times and I have to agree. I'm curious now to
      see how it'd play with 7 or 8.

      We brought Tami and Dan up to speed (hah!) and launched into the game. I
      went for the top two spots in the first sprint but it cost me my #3 and #4
      riders as they never again were able to connect up to the main
      group. Sadly my #1 and #2 riders also got out of sync with the main group
      about midway through the race. I'm not sure exactly how either, although I
      do know that there was a turn where I moved my rider early on in the turn
      and chose a lower number, but almost immediately regretted it as the main
      group whizzed past.

      Dan hung in the back and then came on like a whirlwind. He managed to
      bring 3 riders in at 1, 2 and 3 for the finish. Unbelievable. He finished
      with 54 points or so, with Matt not too far behind. The rest of us lagged
      back in the teens somewhere.

      We've gotta play BA more often. I really enjoy the feel and flow of the
      game, even if the bits suck.

      Ra: Matt, Bill, Brian, Tami and Mark

      Dan had to leave and with Bob at the other table I pushed for a game of
      Ra. It's amazing how little I get to play Ra so I have to push it any time
      Bob's not around (he hates it).

      It's not often I go the monument route, but it seemed to fall in my
      lap. Brian had a great Nile tile set going, but after the first epoch he
      had difficulties securing floods. The first epoch saw a lot of floods come
      out, as well as a *LOT* of disaster tiles. In fact 3 out of the 4 civ
      disasters surfaced in the first epoch. Which would've been bad for all of
      us but for the fact that about 5 of the 8 gods came out in the first epoch

      The game went down to the last two tiles. I was deprived of seeing the
      game go "the distance" (last tile drawn is a Ra tile) when Bill picked the
      Ra tile from the remaining two.

      I scored 35 points in monuments on the last turn which propelled me to the
      win. Brian wasn't far behind, and then I believe it was Tami or Matt.

      The other table broke out my fresh new copy of Einfach Genial and then they
      played a hand of A Few Orcs More.

      Just a couple of notes from my "Adam Day" gaming at Dave's house over the
      weekend. James, Berna, Brian and I played Fast Food Franchise, a TimJim
      game James picked up at the Gathering. It's basically a Monopoly variant
      with some neat extra stuff going on in the center off the board. Add the
      "advance to..." effects of advertising and you've got something worth
      talking about. The end game still feels very Monopoly like though and I
      just don't care for the player elimination as much as I used to (we were
      huge Monopoly fans when kids, just ask Dan). A variant I'd like to try is
      to simply have the bank do the payouts and make the game a race to $1
      million (the alternate way the game ends).

      Also of note is that Richard S and I won a six couple game of
      Compatibility. So we're actually on the same wavelength on many things
      with only a couple of (notable) exceptions.

      Next week is the first Tuesday of June and so we're looking for a host for
      our tour. Brian's volunteered and we haven't been to his new place yet
      (down in South/North Kingstown?). It's about 45 minutes from my
      house. He's willing to defer hosting to someone more centrally located.

      I *may* be unavailable next week so finding a host would be worthwhile just
      in case.

      Also, Ben's leaving the area soon and he's willing to host on Tuesday June
      8th. So perhaps we'll do a double tour this month to visit his place
      before he leaves.


      If you like board games and live in Eastern MA or the surrounding areas
      check out Unity Games -- www.unitygames.org

      "Ankh" if you love Jenny Agutter.
      Philip Tallon
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