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SR: GiP 3/20/04 & 3/27/04

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  • Tami
    Hi all! Two session reports in one. When I first started going to GiP, it was TONS of fun, mainly because of the other people that went. Then the group
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 27, 2004
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      Hi all!

      Two session reports in one. When I first started going to GiP, it
      was TONS of fun, mainly because of the other people that went. Then
      the group dynamic changed and, while things have been reasonably
      fun, they have been lacking something... some spark... the last two
      weeks have had some of that back. There are still a couple of "the
      old crew" who aren't attending, and their presence is sorely
      missed. But the last two weeks, at least for me, have been close to
      as fun as when I started going...

      That said, on with the reports.

      3/20/04 In attendance- Larry (the store owner), Mark E., and Tami

      Larry had received several prototypes that week, and when I first
      got there, it was pretty busy, so I read through the instructions on
      the protos while waiting for more people to show up. There were 2
      that looked interesting, but one of those had an "elimination of
      players" problem. When Mark showed up, we decided to try the
      other. I think the three of us agreed that it was lacking. It had
      interesting mechanics, but was kinda blah. Now, since I enjoy the
      act of playing games, no matter what the game is, that's pretty
      harsh criticism from me. Oh- Larry won this one.

      Next up was Volldampf. I'm a sucker for train games, and have never
      found one I didn't like. There are a lot of them out there that I
      still haven't tried, so that may change. Volldampf has been
      called "Age of Steam-lite". I actually like it a bit better than
      Age of Steam, because the goods are more readily available. The
      final score on this was me- 30, Mark- 21, and Larry-17. I have no
      clue what I did to win.

      We all liked it so much that we decided to play it again. The
      second playing had scores a lot closer. Larry had 27, Mark had 26,
      and I brought up the rear at 21.

      Since Mark tends to wander in around 12:30 or 1:00 most of the time,
      we only get 3 hours to play. Of course, I often don't get there
      until 11:00 or 11:30, so I really can't talk.

      3/27/04- Same 3 of us in attendance.

      When I got there, Larry was finishing up another game with someone
      whose name I forget, but that guy had to leave as soon as their game
      was done. This happened, coincidentally, just as Mark was arriving.

      We started with Volldampf. Obviously, we all like this game a lot.
      This time, due to Larry and I REALLY overbidding early on, only to
      find out that we were going for different lots, Mark creamed us with
      22 points. Larry ended up with 14, and I ended with 13. While I
      *could* have played another round, Larry and Mark were tired of it.
      In retrospect, I also was tired of it. It's rare for me to play a
      single game 3 times in a month, let alone 3 times in 8 days!

      Next up was an old classic, which I haven't played in probably 20
      years.... Can't Stop. For the record, Mark is even more evil that
      EvilEric. And that's pretty evil. Mark one the first game, Larry
      won the 2nd.

      So again, we ended up with 2 playings of a game in one day. But how
      do you say no to Can't Stop? How do you stop playing it? How do
      you stop rolling?

      All I know for sure is that it really bites when the first roll
      you "crap out" because the 8, 9 & 10 are finished and you roll 2
      fives and 2 fours.

      So there's my session report, so hopefully Mark will quit harrassing
      me about writing them up. But it's Mark, so I doubt it!

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