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Re: [Unity_Games] [SR] GSG, 3/23: Oasis, Flaschenteufel, Alexandros, Tongiaki, Wildlife

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  • Mark Edwards
    Thanks for the report Eric! ... I was going to make a few comments about Wildlife when I was hit by the realization that I would probably channel Rich Z again
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 24, 2004
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      Thanks for the report Eric!

      At 12:42 PM 3/24/2004 -0500, W. Eric Martin wrote:

      >After much talk about a confluence of rabbits and pancakes, we split
      >into groups of four that played a game each, then reshuffled. The
      >non-Eric group played Tongiaki (followed by complaints about randomness)
      >and Wildlife (led by an extremely long rules explanation and ending with
      >Mark desperately trying to finish the game before he died of old age).

      I was going to make a few comments about Wildlife when I was hit by the
      realization that I would probably channel Rich Z again so I changed my
      mind.... must resist... aaaAAAAHHHH.... It's broken.

      In all seriousness, I think it has a few issues, although it's not
      nearly as bad as my hyperbolic whining made it out to be. I think play
      balance is a bit screwed up by the Aggression card and the interaction of
      players when you have less than the full complement is an issue that
      exacerbates the card's power. Then there's the extended downtime that
      sucks the life force from you allowing random floating spirits of expectant
      parents to take over your soul. And just to be completely persnickety, I
      don't like the colors on the pieces. Oh sure they appeal to the color
      blind part of me, cuz I can see them. But they look garish when played out
      on the board. And the theme doesn't fit either.

      I think it's mostly fixable though. As Mike suggested perhaps you
      remove a few of the time dobber things to shorten the game length. And you
      can make the Aggression ability cost an action, instead of it being a
      freebie every turn. Also, when fewer than 6 play you can add some initial
      wheel advancements (forgot what they're called in game terms) to each
      player's setup so that there's a balanced interaction betwixt all species
      involved. As for the tiles, perhaps some good mitters can be
      substituted. And change the theme too.
      Who am I kidding, I'll never play that game again. Although when it
      comes right down to it, I'd rather play Wildlife than Puerto Rico.

      Oasis was a funky ride and I can see why others have said that it feels
      like you have little control of your fate. I'll have to try it again. At
      least it has wooden camels to play with.


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      WHO IS FONZY!?! Don't they teach you anything at school?
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