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SOG SR: 3/22 in Sudbury

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  • Josh Bluestein
    We had seven attendees at SOG last night at Rob s house in Sudbury: .chip, Vitas, Nancy, Mike, Rob, me, and special guest star Richard Spoonts. (Big hand,
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 23, 2004
      We had seven attendees at SOG last night at Rob's house in Sudbury:
      .chip, Vitas, Nancy, Mike, Rob, me, and special guest star Richard
      Spoonts. (Big hand, everyone...)

      Games played: Coloretto, 6 Nimmt!, Attika, For Sale, Und Tschuss!,
      Foppen, Mexica, and Carcassonne with all the fixins.

      We started when there were five of us: Vitas, Nancy, Rob, Mike and
      myself. Since we were expecting more people imminently, we played
      something quick -- Coloretto. I'm not really sure why I enjoy this
      game, as it seems like there is almost nothing to it, but nevertheless
      I have fun with it. Maybe it's because you don't actually have to pay
      attention while playing it. (Although since I've never won a game,
      maybe I should pay a little more attention.) Rob was the big winner
      of this game.

      At this point, Richard and .chip had arrived, so we played a game of 6
      Nimmt!. Rob looked like a shoo-in...for last, taking 37 points in the
      first round. As it turns out, Nancy managed to pass him with a bad
      final round. Richard won with a very low score (11?) -- Mike and I
      were tied at 30 for second place.

      We then split up into two groups: Mike, .chip, Richard and I played
      Attika, and Rob, Vitas and Nancy played Carcassonne + Inns &
      Cathedrals + Builders & Traders + King & Scout + Whatever else you can
      throw into the game. (I didn't see the River expansion in there,

      This was my second playing of Attika with more than two players, and
      I'm still enjoying it. It was a fairly tight game for a while, with
      everyone in a position at some point to threaten a win.
      Unfortunately, I overextended myself to prevent an early temple
      connection early in the game and never quite recovered my momentum.
      Mike managed to win a turn before Richard was going to.
      Unfortunately, I was still at least two turns away...but I like it,
      and would like to play again.

      The Carc game was still going on, so Richard pulled out Und Tschuss!
      Another bluffing/simultaneous play style of game, were you get to
      score for being lowest in the first round, lowest in the second round,
      and highest in the third round (for four players). In other words,
      whoever is in second place is pretty much hosed. Twice through the
      deck and you total your score -- I think Richard won this one, and I
      was happy just to have a positive score.

      .chip headed home, and we played For Sale while waiting for the Carc
      game to finish up. (Still going...) It's still fun with three
      people, but I think that it's more interesting with more. Richard won
      and proclaimed it better than he remembered it.

      The Carcasonne game ended and Rob was victorious. Vitas and Nancy
      headed home and Richard brought out Foppen. With the caveat that the
      game plays much better with five players, I was introduced to it. A
      deck of 60 cards -- 19 green (numbered 2-20), 15 pink (2-16), 13
      yellow (2-14), 9 blue (2-10) and four uncolored 1s. Play is similar
      to a trick-taking game, except that the cards you take aren't actually
      worth anything. The goal is actually to get rid of all of your
      cards. Unfortunately, if you can't play a good card on a trick, you
      end up as the Fool and you take the little Fool token. On the next
      trick, you don't get to play a card, you just toss the Fool token into
      the center of the table. Who gets the Fool token? Well, if everyone
      follows suit, then it goes to the person who played the lowest card.
      If anyone doesn't follow suit, it goes to the person who played the
      lowest card that doesn't match the led color. So being tapped out in
      a suit when someone else is leading it is generally a bad thing.
      Given that it's going to take you a minimum of 15 rounds to get rid of
      all of your cards, every round that you end up taking the Fool is
      going to slow you down. At the end of the round, whoever goes out
      gets 0 points unless they can do it without taking the fool, in which
      case they get -10 points. Everyone with cards left in their hands get
      points equal to the numeric values of their cards. (So don't hang
      onto that 20!) The game is played in four rounds (one for each
      player). I was fortunate enough to get pretty good hands in all four
      rounds -- I was able to go out first three times, once without the
      fool. The last round I took a few points, but it still gave me a very
      respectable score of -7 for the win.

      The final game of the night was Mexica, which Richard explained to us
      (Mike, Rob and I all being new to the game). It's a Kiesling & Kramer
      game, with a lot of mechanical similarity to Java and Tikal, although
      it's a good bit lighter than either of those games. It's fun to lay
      down the canals to partition up the island, and the game is very
      visually pleasing as the buildign start popping up all over the
      place. Our game was a little weird, first because we had almost
      entirely low-valued districts come up in the first round, and second
      because there was a lot of energy expended for control of some
      districts. Net result, though, was that I felt that my position of
      going last was a significant detriment -- I missed out on being able
      to found most of the districts. The other thing is that despite the
      game being lighter than either Java or Tikal, there's still a fair
      amount of computation to be performed and so you have
      analysis-paralysis, which slows the game down. I like the game, but
      would have preferred it to go much faster. So, some weird play, but
      enjoyable and I'd like to try it again. Richard was the winner by a
      wide margin, and Rob, Mike and I were all clumped together about 10
      points back (me in last...but only by a couple of points).

      And that was all for the evening!

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