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SR: SOG Westford, Sub-Zero Edition

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  • Josh Bluestein
    Apparently the cold was too much for most regular SOGGites. The only people to show were Mike and, around 9:30, Chris. As such, gaming was slightly subdued.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 16, 2004
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      Apparently the cold was too much for most regular SOGGites. The only
      people to show were Mike and, around 9:30, Chris.

      As such, gaming was slightly subdued.

      Mike and I started by setting up the Game of Thrones board so he could
      look at it. We spent some time gazing longingly at the board,
      thinking about how fun it would be to play if anyone else had shown
      up. Meanwhile, the temperature in the house remained a pretty
      constant 68 degrees. Brrr!

      So we decided to play a few two-player games. We started by pulling
      out Diceland: Deep White Sea. This is a Cheapass Game, with the
      playing pieces being a set of large cardboard eight-sided dice.

      Each die represents a particular character (there are 30 in all,
      broken up into six teams), and each face of the die generally has a
      different special ability, ranging from fairly strong (on the 8 face)
      to progressively weaker (down to 1). Players take turns tossing their
      dice onto the table, maneuvering dice that are already on the table,
      and shooting at the other player's dice. Killed dice don't stay dead
      for long -- they're just worth points, ranging from 5 to 8 points for
      a given die.

      It's fun -- there's some skill to it, but also a fair amount of luck
      since a good portion of the game is throwing your dice onto the table
      in such a way that they're positioned to shoot at other dice, and
      occasionally to force a particularly powerful opposing die to move off
      of its current face.

      It's also a relatively short game -- once you get used to the rules, a
      full play is about 20-30 minutes.

      Our game ran close, with a penultimate score of 48-49 (with 50 being
      the win). I was able to pull out the win just in time -- at that
      point it's pretty much a matter of who can get a shooter into position

      House temperature: 68 degrees. How do they stand it?

      Next game: Starship Catan. The two-player version of Starfarers, and
      IMO quite a good game, even if I seem to suck at it. I lost about 100
      pirate battles, which put something of a crimp in my playing style.
      Mike won this game handily, with a final score of 10-5.

      Meanwhile, the house maintained a steady 68 degree temperature. We
      threw on another layer of clothing, just to be safe.

      By this time, Chris had shown up, so we pulled out Ra.

      I'm not sure I've ever played Ra with three players before, but I have
      to say that it's quite good that way. Chris spent a lot of time going
      after monuments, I chased Pharoahs and monuments, and Mike went for
      big suns and Nile tiles. Of course, not quite that simple, but our
      final scoring round was pretty impressive.

      Final scores:
      Josh: 49
      Chris; 44
      Mike: 41 (I think)

      We had something of a crisis at this point, as the thermostat in the
      house switched to nighttime mode and the temperature dropped to a
      frigid 66 degrees. Fortunately, I was able to execute an emergency
      reconfiguration and force the heat back up to 68 before Chris's
      glasses iced over. Whew!

      Last game of the night: The Penguin Ultimatum. I first played this
      at UG6, and enjoyed it, but this second playing really illustrated
      some of the nuances of this game for me. Low-valued penguin cards are
      very useful for grabbing entertainers, but you have to balance it --
      the points you get from high-valued penguins are frankly a lot more
      important. And if that seems cryptic, well, it's a pretty silly
      game. But a good combination of strategy and luck, with a lot of
      tough decisions to be made.

      Final scores:
      Josh: 83
      Mike: 71
      Chris: 70

      At this point, we said our goodnights and Mike and Chris headed home.

      I took the dogs out for their final out, and that actually was a bit
      chilly. About 3 degrees according to the thermometer. (And the dogs
      say that if you think it's bad standing on the porch, try being a foot
      tall and wading through the snow in that weather.)

      That is all.
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