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Yet Another Deliciious Diary About Year-end Activity (YADDA YA)

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  • The Alberg Clan
    Even though I lost data for the first two months (including UG5 -- my hard drive crashed!), 2003 was still a year in which I set personal gaming milestones.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2004
      Even though I lost data for the first two months (including UG5 -- my hard drive crashed!), 2003 was still a year in which I set personal gaming milestones.

      Total games played --------------------------- 560
      Unique games played (excluding prototypes) --- 156
      New-to-me games played (excluding prototypes) - 90
      Game days ------------------------------------ 186
      (wooHOO!, gaming on over half the days of the year)

      For comparison, my 2002 totals, the first year I started recording games played, were 145 total games, 66 unique games, 43 new games, and 86 game dates. Is there a cure for my gaming obsession?

      5 & 10's

      50 - Europa Tour

      21 - Wizard

      18 - Crokinole (17 within the last month)
      16 - 6 Nimmt
      15 - Zirkus Flohcati
      14 - Catch Phrase
      13 - Coloretto
      13 - Edel, Stein, & Reich
      12 - Fresh Fish
      12 - King's Breakfast
      11 - Kupferkessel Co.
      11 - Villa Paletti
      10 - Chicken Cha Cha Cha (All since Christmas)

      9 -- Balloon Cup, Clans, Hick Hack in Gackelwack, Mystery of the Abbey
      8 -- Buggo
      7 -- Capt'n Clever, Dungeoneer, Schotten Totten
      6 -- For Sale, KK&K
      5 -- Age of Steam, BANG!, Call My Bluff, Duel of Ages, Expedition, High Society, Keythedral, Mamma Mia, Metro, New England, Quandary, Titan: the Arena, Torres, Wallenstein

      Most of my gaming is held with my children or other family members, hence the many repeat playings of certain games. While I've only missed about two Tuesday night GSG sessions at Mark's house, the gaming choices there vary each week, so the more meatier or gamers' games are mostly found in my 1 to 3 playing level.

      Europa Tour is the Lays Potato Chips of gaming -- no one can play just once! I think there was only one time when I played just a single game, as invariably each game goes by so quickly that there is a request for "one more time". This is a favorite of my 8yo, and is one which will probably come out at least once (nee, TWICE) a month during 2004.

      My mom really likes Wizard, so it comes out at least once a month (we have dinner at my parents' house most every Wednesday).

      Wizard and Villa Paletti were the most consistent cames, being played 8 of the 10 months for which I have data. My 5yo requests Villa Paletti often, and it's a lot of fun watching her eyes as she intently tries to remove and re-place each column. Of course, her favorite part is when the whole structure noisily collapses...

      I normally only get to play crokinole at UG events, but I was too wrapped up in other games that I didn't play it at all at either of this year's events. However, I received my own crokinole board in early Decemeber (and it's a super-looking board! -- thanks so much Stan Hilinski!), and have been actively seeking out games ever since. There's a picture of it at: http://www.hilinski.net/crokinole/Mount_Doom.jpg

      Chicken Cha Cha Cha was a Christmas present to my 5yo from my sister. It's a memory game that truly puts adults and children on equal footing. I think the farthest my daughter traveled in a single turn was 3/4 of the circle, and she stopped only because she had won the game. I highly recommend this game if you have children, particularly those aged 4 - 12.

      Capt'n Clever and Dungeoneer are two games that got played a lot when they first came out, but have been gathering dust for at least 6 months. Capt'n Clever seems to cause two much angst and frustration with my children, and isn't appealing theme-wise to be played at GSG. Dungeoneer just didn't seem varied enough (it probably needs more rooms and/or more quests), and is a dice-driven game, which is not the best type of game for me.

      I only played Alhambra once in 2003, which is the fewest times that I've ever played a SdJ winner. I don't own it, and it hasn't hit the table yet at GSG.

      My high-water marks for games played (114) and game dates (26) was June, when I attended the Oasis of Fun and also got to play more with my children after school ended. I had a splendid time in Atlanta at the Oasis, as I got to meet and game with many people whom I'd previously only known through Nigglybits, and I got to play games all day for four straight days. It was a gaming orgy that I look forward to repeating. <twSs>

      Funkenschlag, Princes of Florence, Stephensons Rocket, Union Pacific, El Grande, El Caballero, Die Neuen Entdecker. I'll have to correct this in 2004...

      Age of Mythology, A Game of Thrones. These require too much dice-rolling and seem to be too long for my tastes.

      Magna Grecia, Bridges of Shangri-La (both of which I played for the first time at the last GSG session), Princes of the Renaissance, Finstere Flure, Santiago, Settlers of the Stone Age, Mexica, Santa Fe Rails, Puerto Rico (only 2 recorded playings in 2003!).

      1830, Die Macher.

      Thanks to all who have gamed with me, and best wishes for the coming year!

      - Phil

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