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My 5&10's for 2003

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  • David Fontes
    I actually played less games this year (395) than in 2002 (488), and no new baby as an excuse. I did tend towards longer, meatier games this year. 2002 s 5&10
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2004
      I actually played less games this year (395) than in 2002 (488), and no new
      baby as an excuse. I did tend towards longer, meatier games this year.
      2002's 5&10 list was pretty well cluttered with short fillers. I know there
      were times at B20 in 2002 when I played a dozen games in an evening, whereas
      in 2003 it was more likely to be 4 or 5. Anyway, on to the lists: (* denotes
      new to me in 2003)

      10 or more plays:
      Europa Tour*, Traumfabrik, Hick Hack in Gackelwack, Ra

      5-9 plays:
      Mare Nostrum*, King's Breakfast*, Boom-O*, Showmanager, Electronic Catch
      Phrase, Frank's Zoo, Mamma Mia!, Battle Line, Bohnanza, Call My Bluff,
      Carcassonne T&B*, Fist of Dragonstones*, Lord of the Rings: The
      Confrontation, Money!

      (Note: if I counted online games, Citadels/Ohne Furcht und Adel would also
      be in the 10's list, and really deserves to be, because it is a great game!)

      And some comments:

      Europa Tour* (15 plays)
      Best game of the year? No, not hardly, but it has the tremendous advantage
      that my wife will actually _ask_ to play it on occasion. Most of these 15
      plays were 2-player games with her.

      Traumfabrik (11 plays)
      A definite favorite. Love the theme. Love the auction mechanics. Love trying
      to figure out just how high you can make someone pay for a lot without
      getting stuck with it yourself!

      Hick Hack in Gackelwack (10 plays)
      Still a favorite filler. Down significantly from the 27 plays of 2002, but
      at 10-15 miniutes a pop, I'll rarely say no to someone wanting to play it.
      These numbers obviously do not include online plays, where it would easily
      be in the hundreds.

      Ra (10 plays)
      Right up there with TFab as one of my favorite games of all time. Ra quite
      nicely works with 3, 4 or 5 players, and TFab is really best with 5, but
      TFab still managed to narrowly edge Ra in number of plays. I'm quite content
      playing either one though!

      Mare Nostrum* (9 plays)
      Here's one of the reasons my total number of games played is down from 2002.
      I could have played Hick Hack 100 times instead of Mare Nostrum 9 times, but
      no regrets here. I really enjoy this one, and it is truly a gorgeous game.
      Of the 9 games, one did seem to go on a little too long, but most clocked it
      at around two hours or so, and were greatly enjoyable. I much prefer the
      advanced set-up rules, which I think even the field a bit. Greece seems
      awfully weak with the basic set-up.

      King's Breakfast* (8 plays)
      Filler of the year. Fun, quick, easy to teach. Not quite on a level with
      Hick Hack, but close! :)

      Boom-O* (7 plays)
      All 7 plays were over 4th of July weekend with my nephews, who were
      enthralled with the game. It's not a bad game, but I was a bit burnt out on
      it after that. I'm probably about ready now to try it again. It is better
      than Uno.

      Electronic Catch Phrase (7 plays)
      Again, way down from 2002 (35 plays!). Still a great, fun, party game
      though. The most fun of the many Password-type games out there.

      Showmanager/Atlantic Star (7 plays)
      I beleive 5 of these were Showmanager, which is what I prefer. Still one of
      the best 6-player games out there.

      Frank's Zoo (6 plays)
      Another game my wife likes, so it gets pulled out often when we've got
      people over who are willing to play a game. I really like this one too. We
      play with the advanced scoring rules, but not partnership. I'd like to try
      it with the partnership rules sometime.

      Mamma Mia! (6 plays)
      This one came out several times at family gatherings as well. I tend to
      really dislike memory games, but for some reason this one really clicks with
      me. The theme certainly helps!

      Battle Line (5 plays)
      One of the best two-player games ever.

      Bohnanza (5 plays)
      Probably my favorite all-time multiplayer card game. All but 1 of these
      plays used the High Bohn expansion. Will the expansions EVER come out in
      English? I've been waiting almost a year, I think, since they were first due
      to be released. Sigh.

      Call My Bluff (5 plays)
      The old stand by. Has been on my 5&10 list ever since I started keeping

      Carcassonne (5 plays) all with Traders&Builders Expansion*
      I really enjoy the T&B expansion. I'm actually kind of surprised that the
      play count on this one is so low, but I think there was a bit of Carcassonne
      backlash this year. Perhaps it got a little TOO popular. I still enjoy it as
      much as ever, but it gets suggested less often at game sessions.

      Fist of Dragonstones* (5 plays)
      This one I really enjoy, but it doesn't seem to be hugely popular with the
      "gamer" crowd. Most of these plays were at home or with family.

      Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation (5 plays)
      Love it! Love it! Love it! If only my wife enjoyed this one as much as
      Europa Tour, it would get the play time it deserves. Probably my favorite
      two-player game, narrowly edging out Battle Line. Two very different games;
      which one I'd rather play based mainly on my mood and my opponent. (Knizia
      is a genius!)

      Money! (5 plays)
      More Knizia! A really elegant design, I think. It's all about keeping
      Campbell away from the old ladies.

      And the almost-made-its:
      4 plays
      Alhambra*, Amun-Re*, Barbarossa, Citadels (plus a bunch online), Modern Art,
      Smarty Party*

      3 plays
      10 Days in Africa*, Abstracts, Attribut*, Balloon Cup*, Bang!, Coloretto*,
      Gang of Four*, Katzenjammer Blues, Die Maulwurf Company, Moods*, Mystery of
      the Abbey, Princes of Florence, Queen's Necklace*, San Marco, Schnappchen
      Jagd, Split Second*, Stop It!*, Time's Up!*, Trivial Pursuit: LotR Edition

      And a whole mess of 2's and 1's that I won't bother to list.

      Best game I played only twice: probably Age of Steam*, but there are a bunch
      of good ones in there.

      Best game I played only once: Dune.

      Least likely game to ever get played again: Time Control (which we actually
      aborted early enough that I didn't even record it as one play).

      David Fontes http://www.mmiusa.com/ookpik/
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