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[SR] MVGA 2003-10-23

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  • brosiuse
    MVGA meets Thursday nights at 7:00 in the Masonic Hall in Holliston, on Route 16 just east of the center of town. We welcome visitors. We ll even waive the
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      MVGA meets Thursday nights at 7:00 in the
      Masonic Hall in Holliston, on Route 16 just
      east of the center of town.

      We welcome visitors. We'll even
      waive the $3.00 fee for your first visit.

      Roll call: Walt, Evan, Anton, Paul, Rich,
      Dan, Eric

      This report is being published late as
      Eric catches up on the backlog

      PUERTO RICO (Walt, Anton, Paul, Evan)

      We had 7 in attendence this week. Three
      of us wanted to try Age of Mythology, so
      the other 4 played Puerto Rico. It was a
      magical game for Walt, who shipped and built
      his way to an overwhelming victory.

      Final scores:

      Ship Bldg Bonus Total
      ---- ---- ---- ----
      Walt 28 24 12 64
      Evan 34 15 49
      Anton 15 19 11 45
      Paul 22 13 10 45

      Eric's Rating: 10.

      EUPHRAT & TIGRIS (Walt, Anton, Paul, Evan)

      The next game up for this group was E&T,
      an MVGA favorite that hadn't been out too
      much recently. Final scores were Evan 6,
      Anton 5, Walt 4, Paul 2. It should be
      noted that the rules review left Paul with
      an idea about the victory conditions that
      wasn't quite accurate; he would have had
      a better shot if he had known what he was
      actually aiming at.

      Eric's rating: 7. I enjoy this game, but it isn't one of my
      Top 10, as it is for many other gamers. Perhaps if I were to
      play it more often I would enjoy it more.

      WYATT EARP (Walt, Anton, Evan)

      Paul had to leave, so the three remaining from the E&T game played
      Wyatt Earp. Walt won his second blowout of the evening. Final
      scores: Walt 28, Anton 18, Evan 14.

      AGE OF MYTHOLOGY (Rich, Dan, Eric)

      Three players had made an appointment to try this new game out.
      It's a visually stunning game, with scads of multi-colored plastic
      figures, nice chunky cubes, cards, player mats---it feels like someone
      went through a German game store and took some of everything and
      put it into this game. You collect plantations and build buildings
      like in Puerto Rico, and you build up armies for battles with your
      neighbors. You earn resources from your plantations and buildings
      (or by taking them from defeated foes.) At the start of each turn,
      three red victory point cubes are distributed by the players onto
      the four victory point cards.

      We drew randomly for country. Dan was the Greeks, Rich was the Norse,
      and Eric was the Egyptians. Eric put a cube on "Last Battle
      Won" to try to take advantage of the temporary edge created by
      his elephants, but he didn't draw an Attack card, so he built up
      his army instead in the first round, as his opponents countered by
      building their own troops.

      The next round, Eric took two randoms out of his four cards and both
      of them were Attack cards. One was a god card which allowed him a
      free resurrection at the cost of favor (and Egypt has a lot of favor)
      so he attacked Dan, winning some resources and a VP.

      As the game progressed, it was clear that a player who takes a lot of
      random cards must play them as they lie, and that a player who does
      not take a lot of random cards is in danger of falling behind. Dan
      got good building cards (and shot ahead in building,) Eric got good
      recruitment cards (and gained the largest army,) and Rich had the
      most resources (especially gold) but didn't get the cards to take
      the lead anywhere.

      Halfway through the game, Eric had another good attack card and hit
      Rich this time for another 2 VP. There's a lot of luck involved
      in the battles in this game, and Eric had most of it. Near the end,
      Rich defeated Dan in the third and final battle, gaining 1 VP and
      knocking Dan's buildings down to equality with Rich.

      Final scores:

      Eric 13 (10 for largest army, 3 for winning 2 battles)
      Rich 1 (for winning a battle)
      Dan 0

      There were 6 VPs unclaimed on the Wonder, 9 unclaimed because of the
      tie for most buildings, and 1 that someone forgot to place one turn.

      Eric's rating: 7. This is a very interesting and involving game.
      We were playing fairly slowly as we tried to get our arms around
      what we were doing, and we made a few errors in applying the rules.
      We also perceived that Eric had a big advantage in the god cards he
      drew. In part this was because he drew a lot more god cards than
      his opponents, but we looked through the random action decks after
      the game and it seems the Egyptians have much better cards than the
      Norse do. Perhaps this is a balancing feature for some other
      advantage granted to the Norse, but in our first playing it left a
      bit of a sour taste. I'd be happy to play again, mainly because
      I'm willing to experiment with a new and interesting game system
      even if there's a possibility it may be unbalanced.

      MEDICI (Rich, Dan, Eric, Anton, Evan)

      Walt had to leave for a trip, so the rest of us finished off with this
      quick Knizia auction game. Rich was the master in this game, scooping
      up a few valuable loads at low prices (why did we let him get away
      with it?!)

      Final scores: Rich 86, Eric 75, Anton 66, Dan 59, Evan 58

      Eric's rating: 10. Quick and brutal. One of my favorites.

      Eric Brosius
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