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SR: Visit with the DC Gamers

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  • Adam Smiles
    Prior to spending Turkey Day with my family on LI, I was down in the DC area on vacation, and I had the opportunity to catch up with the DC Gamers for one of
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 26, 2003
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      Prior to spending Turkey Day with my family on LI, I was down in the DC area
      on vacation, and I had the opportunity to catch up with the DC Gamers for
      one of their weekly sessions. Since I got to play some of the essen games
      that haven't got much play/press time in this area, I thought I'd share some
      brief thoughts on them.

      Princes of the Renaissance:
      This one has seen some play in the Boston Area. It was my 4th time playing,
      and my 5th time teaching. I still have yet to win, and still really enjoy
      the game, but a 3 hour game played 4 times in a month has pushed me close to
      burn-out. Maybe in mid to late December, I'll be ready for it to return to
      the table.

      Le Pass Trappe:
      Played this 4 or 5 times. It's a 2-player dexterity game, that lasts about
      10 minutes. Published by the same company that does Pitch Car (the
      carabande repeat). Each player starts with 5 wooden discs, about the size
      of noc hockey. Each side has a large elastic band that stretches along the
      back wall. A wooden barrier is down the middle of the board, with a hole in
      the center that is just big enough to allow the discs through. Players
      shoot simultaneously, first one to have no discs on their side wins. It
      takes a game or two to get used to the shooting. Supposedly the guy selling
      the game at Essen was so good, he could win the game blind-folded. Funagin
      has it listed at $80. At half that price I'd pick it up without thinking.

      Railroad Dice:
      Considering the game is almost completely dice driven, there is still a
      considerable amount of strategy and planning that can be done. The dice
      drive pretty much everthing in the game. You use the dice as to buy company
      shares, to build track, to collect income. I enjoyed the game, and would
      still enjoy it, even if I hadn't won. The consensus among the other players
      was that a 3 player game would allow more control than our 4 player game.

      An auction game about operating a seafood restaurant. Fish are auctioned
      off each round, that players use to feed their customers and generate more
      cash. We aborted the game early as the other table was finished and it was
      time to consolidate to a single table. We didn't fully understand the way
      the game worked in the first round, so the bidding was a bit chaotic. I'd
      like to try it again to completion, now that I understand how it all works.

      Show Manager
      Not new, just a classic. I came in second in a 6 player game. One of the
      two newbies took the win.

      The new version. We played a 4-player game with each dealing once. I
      haven't played the new version enough to decide if I like the newer card
      distribution yet, but I think that I do. I still think that you need at
      least 2 deals each, or to play to a set point value to let the skill at the
      game override the luck involved in only 3 or 4 hands.

      I hope everyone has a good Turkey Day....
      I'm returning to my vacation.


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