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Re: [Unity_Games] UG6 Thoughts

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  • J C Lawrence
    On Mon, 29 Sep 2003 18:00:46 -0000 ... I brought a couple liters with me into the hall... ... Seconded. ... Ditto. ... I wonder if this is solving a problem
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 29, 2003
      On Mon, 29 Sep 2003 18:00:46 -0000
      Tami <yatcher@...> wrote:

      > In addition to water...

      I brought a couple liters with me into the hall...

      > However, maybe we should have a table inside the room dedicated to
      > "community food"?


      > Re: making it a 2-day event. I sort of like this idea, but my
      > experience with most 2-day events (gaming and non-gaming alike) is
      > that you don't get the same number of people.


      > One thing I mentioned at the event, but didn't mention very loudly
      > (didn't want to be "nominated") was that perhaps when people are
      > trying to find new games, an announcement could be made using the
      > microphone, so everyone knows what's starting and when. For some
      > games, this can be handled via a program (i.e. Sound Decisions
      > starting at 7pm- sign up by 6:30pm; training sessions for Game X will
      > start every hour at table Y). For other games, a simple announcement
      > could go something like: "A game of Ra will be starting in 15 minutes
      > at table Z. They have 2 players, and can accomodate up to 3 more."

      I wonder if this is solving a problem that doesn't actually exist.

      Did anybody have problems finding people to play a game with?

      Did anybody have problems finding people to play the games they wanted
      to play?

      I didn't get to play a few games that I rather wanted to (eg the
      previously mentioned La Citta), but that was my own fault. I didn't
      stand up and recruit for them when I had the time. However, through the
      whole day I found that I could ask random standing people, "Want to play
      a game?" and have a group for almost anything in single digit seconds.
      Downtime between games was just not a problem.

      Did others have really problems getting to play the games they wanted?

      That said, I've a fondness for putting the game tables in a separate
      room. It removes some of the ambiance as ChrisL(?) noted, but also
      allows for more effective use of the room for gaming as well as
      providing a natural centralised location for game-team recruitment (no
      organisation or signage required). Recruitment didn't seem a problem
      for UG6, but I could imagine it becoming something of a problem for
      future larger game days.

      ObNote: The centralised collection room also poses a slightly larger
      potential security problem than game tables around the main room.
      We've been lucky enough to date to not have problems with the light
      fingered (or at least I hope we have), but as the UG days get larger
      probability dictates that this will change...

      > (I saw no problems with the way it worked- I'm just brainstorming
      > based on the comments we've seen, specifically the idea of the
      > training area).


      I had fun, and asides from the beeping thing and the very minor details
      of the prize table handling, I've no complaints. In fact, if this
      discussion had not happened, I would have willingly stood up on a
      pedestal and shouted "I have no complaints at all!" to the heavens. The
      whole deal went swimmingly for me.

      However we can safely expect the next UG to be larger, and the one after
      that to be bigger again, and so forth. Growth brings its own problems
      and there's value in planning in advance as well as experimenting when
      you're small enough that you can safely experiment.

      J C Lawrence
      ---------(*) Satan, oscillate my metallic sonatas.
      claw@... He lived as a devil, eh?
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