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Columbus Day Gaming/Movie weekend - first post

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  • Muttstain@aol.com
    An open invitation to all Unity Gamers - COLUMBUS DAY WEEKEND TRASHCON By popular demand, the name is back. The occasion also brings to mind an interesting
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2003
      An open invitation to all Unity Gamers -


      By popular demand, the name is back. The occasion also brings to mind an
      interesting question. If Columbus had never discovered America, would we be
      playing games like Timbuktu and Through the Desert with Buffaloes instead of Camels?

      Since I'm between jobs, I should have enough free time to keep the house
      clean, but I still need some incentive (and I still need to get rid of a bunch of
      old junk) so it's time for yet another party.

      This one starts FRIDAY October 10, 2003 at 7:30 P.M.

      And runs until SUNDAY October 12, 2003 whenever

      Although the dates have been set in part since Kimberly will be back in
      Massachusetts for the weekend, I can't promise she'll do another Drew Barrymore
      imitation this time…Maybe if we ask REAL NICE J

      Also, Maria still hasn't finished editing the footage from the last party, so
      I am going to try to convince her to film this one too. If you are in the
      Witness Protection Program, please do not attend.

      While you can still find my cheapass map to 33 Fenelon Road in Framingham on
      the back of the hard copy of this page, since most of these invitations have
      been emailed, it is probably better to use Mapquest.

      Once again, the weekend will feature a wide variety of games, from old
      favorites like Cosmic Encounter, Cancellation Hearts, and Tichu, to the latest
      German imports. Maybe I can actually find people interested in trying Killer
      Bunnies (a totally random and chaotic game for up to 8 people). My ($17 from
      Amazon.Com) Crokinole board hasn't started to warp yet, but if anyone wants to bring
      their $150 board, feel free. In part to try to help convince people to help us
      out on Wednesday nights, the Saturday Night party game will be based on the
      Kinvara Pub's Team Trivia Night. I got cocky when we won the first time I
      participated, but we haven't done very well since then. Categories will include
      TV, Movies, Music, and Games, so get your brains ready. As always, prizes will
      be awarded to (or forced on) the winners from my prize table.

      If people are interested, I will try to organize a game swap. If anyone has
      games that aren't total crap that they are just tired of, and might want to
      trade, bring them along. In addition to the stuff I give away, I have a large
      number of games that I keep intending to try to sell on Ebay (they are too good
      for the prize table J ), but if anyone wants them, maybe we can work something

      As always, the video game room features a wide variety of nostalgic games
      from the 1980's with most games released (and many not) for the Atari 2600 and
      5200, the Intellivision, and the Colecovision. I now have a Vectrex as well. And
      the pool table is always available for recreational play, or tournaments.

      Movies will include the usual assortment of scantily clad bimboes and cheesy
      rubber monsters in really bad films that can only be enjoyed in this type of
      setting. Pay attention to the movies being run, as there may be related
      questions during the trivia game.

      Dinner will be provided on Saturday. Weather permitting, I will be cooking
      hotdogs and hamburgers outside on the grill, but I will also cook up a batch of
      my chili just in case. Other food donations are always welcome.

      If you want to stay over, there is plenty of crash space. Beds and cots are
      on a first-come basis, but there are plenty of foutons and floor space (though
      the toys have taken over much of it!)

      RSVP (508)879-4639 or email Muttstain@...

      Don't forget, copies of THE STONE TAROT are available for purchase for only
      $20. Get an early start on your holiday shopping. They are perfect for playing

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