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SR: WAGGers - 10/27 - Citadelles, Taj Mahal, Sumera and more

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  • Craig Massey
    Sorry for the long delay in getting this out. We had 6 intrepid gamers for the 2nd edition of the Wakefield Area Gamers, homemade chili and fresh brownies and
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2000
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      Sorry for the long delay in getting this out. We had
      6 intrepid gamers for the 2nd edition of the Wakefield
      Area Gamers, homemade chili and fresh brownies and
      cookies. Did people come for food or games? It must
      have been both, because leftovers didn't exist and
      people didn't leave to 2am!!!

      Attending: Walter, Jeff Tolleson, Rich Goldbaum,
      Alison, Andrew and myself. We missed Pat who
      cancelled due to non-gaming related reasons. Send him
      an email and he can give you all of the details I'm

      Games on the Table: Citadelles - the variant, Taj
      Mahal, Vinci, Sumera, Princes of Florence, New England
      Railways (walters game), and almost SPI's Spies.

      Spies er I mean Citadelles: After having some dinner,
      there were five of us who started to look over and
      prepare Spies an SPI game that is very un SPI like
      with fairly short rules, short playtime (under 2
      hours) and a German feel. Just as we were getting
      started, the game queen herself arrived so Spies was
      canned and Citadelles was the game of choice. We
      played with the variant that I described last week in
      the Malden session report. Here everyone has a 2nd
      character, utilizing a 2nd set developed by Bruno.
      After some initial confusion and rules explanation we
      started. Walter felt that the game was not an
      improvement on the original and felt that it was
      confusing. We steamed along with everyone if
      reasonable contention. I finally built my 8th
      building and saw Jeff trade one of his buildings for
      mine on his turn with the Diplomat - a new power. He
      gave me a lousy 1 pt. building and took a key purple
      one from me worth 5 which was the difference in the
      game for me.

      Scores: Jeff 28, Alison 26, Rich 25, Craig 25, Walter
      23 and Andrew 20
      Ratings: Jeff 7, Alison 7.5, Rich 7.5, Craig 7.5,
      Walter 5, Andrew 6.5.

      Andrew felt this was an improvement over the original,
      but given his low rating of it, that doesn't take
      much. I'll continue to tweak the rules and options.
      I received some good suggestions from Andrew, Alison
      et al. But keep in mind this is not intended to
      replace the game, but be an optional variant much like
      Seafarers is an optional variant to Settlers.

      Taj Mahal: We broke into two groups with Jeff,
      Alison, and I travelling to India for Taj Mahal. This
      was a tough and hard fought game all the way through
      with lead changes and close scores to the bitter end.
      Alison tried to play without ever doing what she has
      affectionately named - the wussy pull - where a player
      decides not to play the round at all and bails getting
      an extra card and first pull. She succeeded in doing
      so which meant she pursued small incremental gains in
      each region. This largely paid off as she got most of
      her tiles/castles for fairly cheap. Jeff and I on the
      other hand bailed two or three times each and butted
      heads a couple of times with 6+ card battles. Jeff
      got some early commodity tiles and was light on the
      network. I was stronger on the network and was trying
      to get selective commodity tiles to maximize their
      effect. I also had the +2 wild card the longest. The
      last round came and Alison grabbed the Taj tile while
      I got a few key placements to make for a nice castle
      score and Jeff took the commodity tile after I took
      away a key castle position from him. I had a long
      suit of 6 and three wild cards while Jeff had a fairly
      long suit as well and Alison had a short suit of 3 I

      Scores - Craig 52, Alison 51, Jeff 48 (told you it was
      Rankings Craig 10, Alison 10, Jeff 9

      Sumera: Walter, Andrew and Rich tackled Babylonian
      tribal expansion in Sumera at the other table. I hope
      One of them will post some comments

      Scores: Rich 80+, Andrew 60+, Walter 45ish
      Ratings: Rich 8, Andrew 7.5, Walter 6

      Vinci: Alison, Andrew and I pulled out Vinci next. I
      can't remember a lot of the details other than Andrew
      took a great opening pair of tiles - Mountaineering
      and Shipbuilding and expanded to the max and kept it
      around in decline long enough to get a good lead.
      Alison slowly chipped away while I was a solid third
      place the whole time. We played with VP secret to
      help ameliorate the endgame problem. This largely
      worked as we supspected Andrew was the clear leader
      the whole time, but weren't 100% sure. In the end
      Andrew did win (we played to 125 points), but a few
      more turns and Alison might have surpassed him. I
      like this game, but man am I terrible at it.

      Scores: Andrew 136, Alison 130, Craig 102 (told you I
      Ratings: Andrew 8, Alison 8, Craig 7.5

      New England Railways: Walter, Jeff and Rich tackled
      Walter's hopefully soon to be published game. I don't
      have details or scores or ratings. I don't believe
      they finished the game. Any info would be great.

      Princes of Florence: Walter departed leaving five for
      one last game. Princes of Florence was chosen by all
      so we started building our courts. This was Rich's
      first play so he started a bit slowly as he figured
      out the values of the auctioned items. Jeff jumped
      out to an early lead along with Alison while Rich and
      I were the last two out of the starting blocks.
      Midgame found me with a fairly large lead and everyone
      else bunched together with Rich in the rear. Going
      into the last turn, I held a 10 point lead or so, but
      knew my last work would just clear the bar while bonus
      cards would make several other works worth 20+. Sure
      enough, I went first and sprinted to 52 points. Then
      I saw Jeff blow by me with a work that was over 30
      points. After the round Rich, Andrew and Alison also
      plunked down Prestige cards to pass me leaving me in
      dead last. I made the comment that every time I play
      this game with Alison, she beats me by a point. Well
      the scores below speak for themselves. This is my
      second favorite game of the year behind Taj Mahal. I
      don't think anything will knock it from that perch.

      Scores: Jeff 63, Andrew 55, Rich 54, Alison 53, Craig
      Ratings: 8.5, Andrew 7.5, Rich 8.5, Alison 8.5, Craig

      That's all for now. Next WAGGers session is next
      Friday nite 11/10. The first two WAGG session have
      been great - I expect the third won't dissappoint.
      Hope to see Pat and Dave back at the table and Matthew
      at the table for the first time finally.


      Craig W. Massey

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