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SR: SSG Oct 28, 2000

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  • Dave Bernazzani
    Hello all... No time for a formal report now, but here are the highlights! Great session - 9 in attendance including Walter s wife Lisa who I enjoyed meeting
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      Hello all...

      No time for a formal report now, but here are the highlights!

      Great session - 9 in attendance including Walter's wife Lisa who
      I enjoyed meeting and gaming with. In total we had myself, Jenn,
      Mark Edwards, Craig, Jonathan, Alison, David, Andrew and Lisa.

      Twelve games were played and here are some passing remarks:

      Modern Art - Lisa, Jonathan, Mark, Craig and myself. still a
      great romp of a game with the usual trash-talk and
      hawk-a-painting-talk and whatever else-talk we come muster. I
      worked hard, but fell very flat on the final round as my two
      prized paintings failed to score (thanks Mark! hehheh).
      Jonathan won.

      Exxtra - Lisa, Jonathan, Mark, Craig and myself. I still like
      this little filler. Jonathan rolled his eyes when we brought it
      out but like a good sport got into the competition wholeheartedly
      and make a run for another win but Lisa rolled a few doubles and
      we couldn't catch her (although we tried, we really tried!).

      RA (a.k.a. 'Speed RA') - Lisa, Jonathan, Mark, Craig and myself.
      The preferred way to play is fast. Most of us did and the game
      skipped along quite well. Lots of calling 'RA' which I seem to
      see more and more. I like the speed version, but also liked the
      non-speed version. In any event, the game is far less than an
      hour and we managed a full 5 player game of it in about 40
      minutes. I'm glad to see this get more play time - it seemed to
      have fizzled for a bit until we started playing the 'Speed'
      version. Jonathan won again (ug! hehheh) followed somewhat
      closely by Craig.

      La Citta - Alison, Jenn, David and Andrew. During all of the
      above games, a single game of La Citta was going on. David was
      new and so there was some ramp-up time in explaining the rules,
      but the game was still over 2 hours. Looks like it was a good
      game - close between the two top finishers. Ratings were subdued
      except for Andrew (9) and Alison (5) who were at rating extremes.

      Alison and Jenn broke into a couple of 2 player games as we split
      up to 3 different tables. They played Lost Cities (Jenn winning)
      and Battle Line (Alison winning). Jenn informs me that she had a
      nice time playing these games and talking with Alison for a half
      hour or so...

      Kohle, Kie$ und Orcs (aka, KK&K). Myself, David, Mark and Lisa.
      We played the 'Orcs' variant (substituting an Orc mini-figure for
      the $ counter that moves around the circular board). A loud and
      boisterous game with lots of negotiating and plenty of
      transactions. It can be a harsh (read: unfriendly) game but Lisa
      (who was new to it) took it in stride and played in the spirit of
      the game (this is *not* a good game to play if you take things
      too personally). In the end it was close, but Mark edged us out
      (hiding his money the *entire* game under the table!). This game
      has really grown on me - and I'd love to get a copy but it's
      out-of-print and horribly expensive now. Mark's copy has seen a
      lot of use (but has held up really well) and I'm sure he got his
      copy before the heavy prices but whatever he paid was probably
      worth it since it seems to get called out almost every month this
      year and with great results each time!

      Jenn taught Jonathan how to play Quarto - a 2P quick abstract
      that we have been enjoying. I think Jenn won, but would like it
      stated that it should have been a draw as near the end, Jonathan
      helped to point out a move that allowed Jenn to prevail.

      Nicht Die Bohne - Alison, Jenn, Jonathan, David and myself. I
      really like this game - having only played twice. I can't seem
      to find a copy online - Boulder claims that no more are being
      shipped to him and Funagain has it on backorder. But it plays
      quickly and is interesting (although a bit chaotic) in the method
      of choosing bean-cards from your opponents. It can be a bit
      harsh (especially with heavy verbal group-think which we had!)
      but it's fun.

      Palmyra - Craig, Andrew and Mark played with Mark's modified set.
      I think Andrew swept the floor with Craig and Mark.

      Titan: The Arena with Craig, Jonathan and Andrew. Probably the
      game I most missed getting the chance to play as it's one of my
      favs. Looks like Craig took this one easily.

      Pit - entire crew (minus Lisa who had left a short while
      earlier). A monster game with 8 of us telling and trading and
      nearly wetting our pants! This one was especially crazy - at one
      time Jenn lunged for the bell but Craig pulled it away from the
      table and there was a melee for a brief moment that was
      hilarious! Oh - and I mistakenly rang that damn bell about 4
      times - I thought Mark was going to have heart failure!! Good
      stuff and a great closing game. This was Jonathan's first time
      playing - pour soul :)

      Thanks to everyone who was there to make the night so

      Dave Bernazzani
      http://www.gis.net/~dber (South Shore Gamers)
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