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Re: [Unity_Games] GiP - Call For Playtesters!

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  • Allan Smulling
    Larry offered you a free copy!!??? Now, that doesn t sound like Larry, at all! (just kidding Larry, if you re reading this!). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For the
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 25, 2003
      Larry offered you a free copy!!??? Now, that doesn't sound like Larry, at all! (just kidding Larry, if you're reading this!).

      For the latest news of GiP (Gaming in Providence)
      visit www.squishyturnip.org

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      From: Mark Edwards
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      Subject: [Unity_Games] GiP - Call For Playtesters!

      Usually while we play a game in the Game Keeper Larry gives us a little
      update on how the "I'm the Boss!" reprint is going. This week he showed me
      his work on the new board layout. Although the same deals will be there
      they'll be laid out differently and instead of a circular loop it'll be
      rectangular. He also showed me some of the early prototypes for "It's a
      Deal!". I can't describe how cool it is to look at and handle the original
      handwritten notes that Sid Sackson himself transcribed for what would later
      become KK&K. There was also a more developed prototype that Sid sent off
      to the Schmidt Spiele folks for KK&K.

      Larry also mentioned that he's got other unpublished prototypes from the
      Sackson family that he'd like to get some playtesting done on as well as
      some homebrew stuff. Apparently Brian and Allan have already done some
      playtesting at an earlier GiP session.

      So thrown in with our GiP future sessions may be some playtesting. Anyone
      that wants to playtest can come on down (over/up) although they must sign
      an NDA. Larry offered a free copy of a game that gets published to the
      folks that provide quality feedback regularly.


      If you like board games and live in Eastern MA or the surrounding areas
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