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Re: [Unity_Games] SR: B20 - 1/31/03: Trendy, Keythedral, Chairs, Samurai, Ra, Money, Get the Goods, Vector

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    A good report from David, I ll add a few comments. I arrived a little before 7, brought in the big boxful of games I d sold and was delivering, then the little
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      A good report from David, I'll add a few comments.
      I arrived a little before 7, brought in the big boxful of games I'd sold and was delivering, then the little boxful of games I'd brought to play, then went to Scholars to buy Scarab Lords. SL didn't get played during this session, though.
      There were over 20 people there. Usually I find the Cole Hall basement claustrophobic when there's a big turnout, but not this time. Perhaps the company was even better than usual.
      I joined the game of Trendy, and concur with David's comments.
      As for Keythedral, I enjoyed it, but have my doubts as to how good it is. The importance of the last few scoring tiles, coupled with the power of some of the law cards, makes it seem as though most of the game is jockeying for position for a finish over which one doesn't have much control.
      I should qualify that by adding that this was my first play, and that there must be some room for skill and control, since I won. I did so because of law cards in the last round. The 2 5-point seats were up for grabs. I was played a law card to prevent wine (red cube) production in the round. This was important since red was required for one of the 5-seats, and I had a red cube carried over. When Adam tried to claim one of the seats, David prevented him from doing so with a law card. David went on to claim that seat, but I got the other 5-seat, and so claimed the win.
      There followed the game of Samurai which Richard won after pillaging the capital early, then declaring shortly afterwards that I was so winning.
      Richard and I wanted to play Medina, as did Jason and Luke, so we played some short games while they were playing Ra and Mexica respectively. By the way, how come Ra seems to be getting played so much recently?
      Richard taught me Canal Grande, while its parent, San Marco, was being played at another table. I got the advantage in limit cards in the first round, which gave me some bonus cards. I started the second round with a big card advantage, which I was able to parlay into the win.
      I enjoyed the game, but don't think I'll be buying it. The card art is disappointing, considering how good-looking a game San Marco is.
      Adam and Rich then joined us for Wyatt Earp. I scored all of 3 on the first hand. The scores after 3 hands were I think 26-24-22-20, with me the 22.
      While we were playing the last hand of Earp, Luke explained Medina to Jason. The turn order in the rebuilding of the desert city was Jason-Luke-Richard-Andrew. I emphasized to Jason the importance of not setting up the following player, and we were off!
      The gap between whining and reality was large, even by B2O standards. Luke took the prize in more ways than one, remarking frequently that he doesn't do well at Medina (or at any game with a desert theme) and was doing particularly badly this time. Towards the end, he contributed a stable to Jason's gray palace, thus allowing Jason to take the gray chip from me.
      Of course, Luke won. Jason was in second place, having done very well in his first game. He didn't whine much, but he'll learn to do that more if he gets to more B2Os. Richard was in 3rd, and... well, that's enough about Medina.
      I left at 12:30am, with a dozen or more people looking as though they had a lot more gaming in them.
      Thanks to Dave for the venue, and to gamers for the company.
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