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Re: [Unity_Games] Spiele 2000 in Essen

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  • Craig Massey
    ... Yeah, what Dave said!!! Of course the Unity List will expect a full report when you return won t we guys. ;-) ... I would second Dave s suggestion here.
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 3, 2000
      --- Dave Bernazzani <dber@...> wrote:
      > Lucky dog! :)

      Yeah, what Dave said!!! Of course the Unity List will
      expect a full report when you return won't we guys.

      > I'd look seriously at Corne van Moorsel and
      > specifically at the game MORISI.
      > It's a 2-4 player updated version of ISI which is
      > one of my favorite 2
      > player games. Art is supposedly much better and
      > copies this time will reach
      > 2000 (instead of the very limited run of 200 for
      > ISI). Both Funagain and
      > Boulder Games will be carrying them (my
      > understanding is that the next
      > Boulder Notes will feature an article on MORISI by
      > the developer).

      I would second Dave's suggestion here. Isi is a
      wonderful two player gamer and I'm dying to get a copy
      of Morisi.

      > Splotter Spiel (sp?) usually has some nice home-made
      > stuff. Roads and Boats
      > was in great demand after the previous Essen '99 and
      > so I suspect they will
      > have something on hand. A new batch of Roads and
      > Boats is supposed to be
      > released soon.

      If you want any of the Splotter games, get to their
      booth early. The demand for Roads and Boats is pretty
      high as is the demand for Bus. I wouldn't expect
      either to be available after the first day.

      Other games to look for - Richard Breese has the next
      game in his trilogy - Keytown. Again, check out his
      booth early. I think the best finds at Essen are the
      games from small companies/designers that may not be
      available for long unless they get picked up for
      publishing by one of the big guys.

      For the full skinny on Essen make sure you check Mik
      Svellov's site before you go. Lots of information
      there to help navigate the show.


      Craig W. Massey

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