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Unity Games I - Info and Directions...

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  • Dave Bernazzani
    Sorry if you already received this in a private email from me. I have both the individual list of likely attendees to Unity Games I and the potential that
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 27, 2000
      Sorry if you already received this in a private email from me. I
      have both the individual list of likely attendees to Unity Games
      I and the potential that some on this list might make it even
      though they have not yet said so. So here (possibly for the 2nd
      time) is the Unity Games I info... I will not post this again to
      this list...

      Well - Unity Games I is almost here! The day promises to be
      filled with great gaming and a good mix of veteran gamers and
      relative gaming newcomers from the local area. Turnout looks
      good - we expected 20-40 and are currently sitting at about 35

      When: Sunday October 8th at 10AM and running until 10PM. Where:
      Masonic Hall in Hollison, MA
      Cost: $5 - and we will be giving back much of that in the form
      of small prizes (small boxed games, card games, used games, etc)
      throughout the day.

      The building is located on a small hill. Parking is generally in
      the back of the building. Entrance is in the front. Directions
      are below. Although the hall will be available for gaming
      throughout the day, people are not required to be there for any
      set period of time. We hope that you will come and enjoy the
      entire day, but feel free to come for any part of it that you

      The hall will hold 75 people and there will be plenty of tables
      for gaming. Since the motto for the day is "Friendship through
      Gaming" the emphasis is on social open gaming - so feel free to
      mix up your table and games throughout the day and interact with
      the other people in attendance. Although our main focus is
      generally German/Euro games, feel free to bring other games that
      interest you.

      Here are some things to keep in mind. Most are obvious and I
      doubt they need to be spelled out, but I figure I would anyway

      - We will have a welcome table somewhere (hopefully in an obvious
      place). This table will have the tickets, prizes, directions for
      places to eat, etc. Find Walter Hunt when you arrive so you can
      pay the man! Then come see me and say hello... I'll probably be
      near this table.

      - Feel free to bring some games! We shouldn't have a shortage of
      the recent German/Euro favorites, but more games are always a
      plus. There will be some tables along the wall to place these
      games and it's a very good idea to mark your game in some way
      (put in a business card or some such ID in the box so it's easy
      to identify).

      - Treat other people's games with kid gloves. Kind people have
      brought these games for all of us to play so treat them well, and
      return them to their proper pile as you found it.

      - Bring food if you like. There will be a refrigerator and
      microwave available for use (the stove will not be in service for
      this event).

      - For those that do not bring food, directions will be provided
      at the door for local places to eat. These range from subs to
      pizza to Chinese food.

      - If you have food or drink at the game table, please be
      extremely careful of the game components. Some foods are
      generally more game-friendly (potato chips, fries and pizza are
      NOT - they tend to leave gamer prints on game components).
      Generally dry items like pretzels are usually good. Drinks in
      bottles (with cap) or other reasonably spill proof containers
      are very game friendly. Use good judgement here and error on the
      side of being overly cautious for the sake of the people that
      bring games (of course if it's your own game - eat what you like

      - Leave things in the hall generally as you found them.

      - Have fun.

      From the North, either

      Route 495 to exit 19. Take a right off the ramp onto route 109.
      Turn right at the first traffic light (Burger King on your
      right). Follow this street to the first traffic light; turn right
      again, under the highway. This is route 16.

      Follow 16 past where it merges with route 126; this is Washington
      Street in Holliston. The Lodge Hall is on the left past the
      center of town, on a hill. The entrance driveway is labeled
      "Church St."


      Route 9 to Route 126 in Framingham. Follow south to Holliston,
      where it merges with Route 16 (Bertucci's and Dunkin' Donuts in
      front of you). Turn right onto 16/126. The Lodge hall is on your
      right about 1/2 mile; the entrance driveway is labeled "Church

      From the South, either

      Follow 495 north to exit 19. See directions above.

      From Boston:

      Take the Massachusetts Turnpike to Exit 13 (Framingham -- Route
      30). On the exit ramp after the toll, go west. Pass the Nissan
      dealership, the CompUSA, and the post office on your right;
      Shopper's World on your left. Uphill past the Chi-Chi's, turn
      left onto route 126. Follow route 126 all the way to Holliston;
      turn right at Bertucci's, as above.


      Take the Pike to Exit 11A (Westborough). Go south on 495 to Exit
      19; follow directions above.

      See you on Sunday, October 8, 2000!

      Dave Bernazzani
      http://www.gis.net/~dber (South Shore Gamers)
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