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RE: [Unity_Games] Holiday Gaming - Abenteuer Menschheit

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  • Matthew Horn
    adam, can you summarise the real rules differences for KK&K? ... From: Adam Smiles [mailto:adamsmiles@hotmail.com] Sent: Monday, December 02, 2002 4:03 PM
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      adam, can you summarise the "real" rules differences for KK&K?

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      Subject: [Unity_Games] Holiday Gaming - Abenteuer Menschheit

      In addition to exposing my family to some of these games of ours (Trans
      America, Call My Bluff, Wyatt Earp, and Carcassonne) I also managed to
      connect up with a local Long Island game group hosted by K-Ban (Steve
      Kurzban) and play some new and old games. They were a good group to play
      with and I'll likely try to join them whenever I'm home visiting the folks.

      Games I got to try that I had not played before were Die Oster Isle, Chip
      Chip Hurra, Abenteuer Menschheit and Cosmic Encounter.

      I also got to learn the correct rules to KK&K. I was explaining to Becky in
      the car ride over that some groups have different house rules for certain
      games. When I pointed this out to her at the table, I was told that "We
      used to play with Sid. These aren't house rules, they are THE rules." I
      didn't argue and we proceeded to play. Without Campbell's misdirection, I
      was able to secure victory.

      Also in attendance were Dave and Emily (who I didn't get to game with), as
      well a guy named Jordan who asked me to say hi to Alan, Bass, Pitt and Terry
      E. He used to play with you guys in the old days at Marche (sp?) but now
      lives in NY.

      Abenteuer Menschheit: A new essen release that has yet to see any press on
      the UG list. It is the latest in the Settler's family of games from Kosmos.
      My experience with the variety of Settler's games is limited to Basic,
      Seafarer's and Cities & Knights, so I can't make a ton of comparisons.

      The board is actually a rough map of the world, with Africa and Europe on
      the Left, Asia in the middle and Australia and the America's on the Right.
      Everyone starts with 3 Settlements and a nomad in Africa. The only peices
      you have are 2 nomads and 5 settlements. So when you build your sixth
      settlement, you have to remove one of your previous settlements. You'll
      want to do this, because as the game progresses Africa slowly turns from
      productive land tiles to barren desert, reducing the production of
      settlements there.

      Your nomads move around and you can build new settlements where you nomad is
      sitting. When you build a settlement, your nomad is removed and you have to
      pay to spawn a new one. Each settlement you build (after the initial 3) is
      worth one victory point. The board is also split into 4 regions (Europe,
      Asia, Australia, Americas). The first player to build a settlement in all
      four areas gets a 2 VP bonus. There are also 4 event tiles that are each
      worth 1 VP. And a 2 VP bonus for the player with the most event tiles.
      Other event tiles allow you to place dessert tiles in Africa or move the
      neanderthal or carnivore (the robber like figures). A game is played to 10

      The 4 resources that are collected and traded are Meat, Skins, Flint, and
      1 Meat and 1 Skin allows you to build a nomad.
      1 Meat allows you to move you nomad.
      1 Skin, 1 Flint, 1 Tusk is a new settlement.

      There are also 4 advancement tracks that represent things like Tools,
      Shelter, Mobility, etc....
      You have to pay various resources to move up on the various tracks.
      I believe it was:
      Level 1 - 1 flint
      Level 2 - 1 tuks
      Level 3&4 - 1 flint and 1 tusk
      Level 5 - 1 flint, 1 tusk, 1 skin ?

      2 of the tracks restricted movement, in that you needed to have a certain
      level on those tracks to enter certain regions of the board.

      1 of the tracks increased your movement. When you paid 1 meat to move, you
      moved 2 + X spaces, where x was how far you advanced along that track.

      The last track allowed you to move the neanderthal or carnivore each time
      you advanced.

      There was also a 2 VP bonus for the player to reach the end of each of the 4
      tracks first.

      In our game I took settlement positions in Northern Africa, so that I could
      get to Europe quicker. I got an early fourth settlement and started my
      expansion. The game was very 7 heavy, so there was not alot of production,
      just alot of stealing cards from each other and accusations and arguing over
      who should be stealing cards from whom. Everyone should have been stealing
      cards from me, but not many people were. I won the game 10, 3, 3, 2. I had
      5 new settlements, 2 VPs for the firts to settle all 4 regions, 1 VP event
      tile, and the 2 VPs for most event tiles. I was the only player to settle
      in the Americas, and only one other player settled Australia before me. I
      think if the game had had less 7's there would have been more production and
      the other players could have traded with each other enough to catch up to
      me. One player had 3 settlements, one had 1 settlement and a bonus event
      tile and the third had one 1 settlement and the 2 VP bonus for finishing an
      advancement track first.

      For those wanting some comparisons to other settler's games. I am
      indifferent towards basic settlers and seafarers, but have enjoyed my recent
      playings of cities and knights. Abenteuer Menschheit feels more like C&K
      than either of the other games. But different enough that I could envision
      owning both. And I'm sure I would have enjoyed it even if I didn't have
      such a crushing victory.


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