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SR: GSG 11/19 - Wallenstein plus 2 GiP SRs

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  • Mark Edwards
    GSG: 11/19 Roll Call: Bob, Rich, Brian, Campbell and Mark Wallenstein: Bob, Rich, Brian, Campbell and Mark My third time teaching the rules and this time I got
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 25, 2002
      GSG: 11/19

      Roll Call: Bob, Rich, Brian, Campbell and Mark

      Wallenstein: Bob, Rich, Brian, Campbell and Mark

      My third time teaching the rules and this time I got to play! Of course I
      sucked at it, but damn if it wasn't fun. Although most of my fun was
      derived from throwing all those cubes into the Tower of Destiny. Damn that
      thing is mysterious in its ways. You never know what's gonna happen. Like
      when a couple of cubes dropped out of it in the middle of our turn. No one
      had touched it. Yet out they popped. Incredible.

      In fact I was so enamored with the tower I started making stupid attacks on
      the very first turn. I attacked Bob at even or worse odds. Of course I
      lost, and then Campbell swept in to clean up the remnants of my attacking
      county forces. I should've really paid more attention to who was attacking
      and from where. Doh!

      Bob used a lay low strategy, while Rich actually was making plans and
      carrying them out! Amazing. Meanwhile Brian, Campbell and I hacked on
      each other. At the end of the first year Bob and Rich were well ahead of
      us three and so we decided to end hostilities. At least if it favored us.

      The 2nd year was more of the same for me. My attacks faltered, I built
      buildings in minimally defended counties, my counterattacks wilted. I had
      counties rebel and throw me out. Campbell, Brian and I kicked Bob and Rich
      out of several areas, but we often had to go through each other to get
      there. Campbell made a good comeback but needed everything to go right on
      the last turn. That was not to be.

      Rich and Bob ended up tying with 46 points and Rich won on the tiebreaker
      of having more palaces.

      Final Scores:
      Rich: 46 (wins with 3 palaces to Bob's 2)
      Bob: 46
      Campbell: 36
      Brian: 32
      Mark: 30

      Not a bad game, even though I stunk up the joint. It definitely had a Robo
      Rally feel to it. I just wish there were a little more control over your
      turn as it proceeds. Like having to pay for building a building when you'd
      rather save the money for reinforcements or maneuvers and vice versa.

      GiP: 11/16

      Roll Call: Brian, Allen and Mark

      Carcassonnne - Hunters and Gatherers: Brian, Allen and Mark

      Allen was on the fence about buying a copy from Larry so I told him we'd
      play it if he bought it. He did and so we did.

      I must say I was pleasantly surprised that I liked it quite a bit more than
      I do Carcassonne. I think the change to the farmers/hunters mechanics is
      the reason. I also liked the other rules tweaks and even found the artwork
      more appealing. Go figure.

      What's with the aurochs? Why aren't they worth 3pts or something? We also
      encountered the hiccup in the rules regarding the Stonehenge tile. We
      played it correctly though. I'm not sure if it's overpowered yet.

      I think I took the win with Brian not far behind. Allen was a distant third.

      Both Brian and I picked up a copy of H&G when we were done.

      Money: Brian, Allen and Mark

      Allen got revenge here and whopped Brian and I with a monstrous 800+ point
      output in the third round.

      GiP: 11/23

      Roll Call: Allen, Mark, Kevin and Harlan? Not sure about that last one,
      but that's what her name sounded like.

      Ra: Allen, Kevin, Harlan and Mark

      Allen and I shot the breeze with Larry for a while and when a couple came
      in looking for the Carcassonne expansion we gave our collective thumbs up
      on Hunters & Gatherers. They sounded intrigued when Larry mentioned that
      there was open gaming on Saturdays and he even convinced them to sit down
      for a game.

      The choice was easy as I had Ra under my arm and ready to go.

      Although I love introducing folks to Ra (Allen mentioned he wouldn't have
      picked it up had we not played a couple of weeks ago) I kind of feel bad
      that it takes a game or two to *get* it. Hence I usually win against the
      poor newbies. Oh well. I'll take the cheap wins where and when I can get
      them. I'm a firm believer that God keeps a big book that tallies our wins
      and losses. How He weighs the final tally when we approach the pearly
      gates is a mystery only He can answer. Although I think I'll be okay when
      my final tally is made I've become a bit concerned about the number of
      asterisk games I've been involved in. ;-)

      Kevin actually shot out of the gate on the strength of playing the
      solitaire odds and getting no whammies in the first round. But I scored
      steadily throughout, maintaining a lead in pharaohs despite his best
      efforts (he made the rookie mistake of using several god tiles to pick off
      pharaohs early in an epoch to try to race by me). Harlan kinda missed the
      boat on civilizations and thus got tagged for the -5 every epoch. On top
      of that she was last in the pharaoh race. But she did score big with the
      monuments and managed to edge Allen for 3rd place.

      Final Scores:
      Mark: 44
      Kevin: 36
      Harlan: 21
      Allen: 17 (need to practice with the family a bit more Allen!)

      Kevin seemed to like the game and despite her poor showing Harlan gave it
      half a thumbs up. What I found interesting about them was that they seem
      to know Carcassonne inside and out, knew lots about the expansions and even
      the different kinds of tiles involved (their layouts, etc.), but didn't
      mention any other games they played. Is Carcassonne like Settlers in that
      there are folks out there that don't play anything else? Perhaps this
      explains why Larry sold 500+ copies of Carcassonne. There's a Carcassonne
      cult in Providence!

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