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SR from a few hours ago

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  • AndAgainMA@aol.com
    This is a brief report on the session at my place on Wed Oct 30. People present: Dan C, Carl, Richard, Jonathan, Scott, Andrew (host, and your humble scribe).
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 30, 2002
      This is a brief report on the session at my place on Wed Oct 30.
      People present: Dan C, Carl, Richard, Jonathan, Scott, Andrew (host, and your
      humble scribe).
      Games played: Through the Desert, TransAmerica, Carolus Magnus, Dschunke,
      Lord of the Rings: Confrontation x2, Battle Line x 2, Modern Art, Dvonn,
      Battle Cry, StreetSoccer, Puerto Rico (2P variant).

      A couple of remarkable statistics. First, the number of minutes between the
      first guest arriving and the last guest arriving = 5 or thereabouts.
      Normally, there's a span of more than an hour, during which we play games
      that are short, or allow new players to join in quickly. This time, given
      that we canned Alles im Eimer, and went right into non-fillers. Second, the
      number of games brought by guests = 3. Usually it's more like 3 dozen. But we
      got by with my collection, and 2 of the games brought.

      Dan had brought Carolus Magnus, and Richard and Carl were keen to play, so
      they started off with it. On my notepad, someone has written that "Richard
      vanquished Dan and Carl through exceptionally shrewd play." After that,
      someone whose writing looks like Dan's has written "whatever."

      Meanwhile, in the other room, the other 3 of us started with Through the
      Desert. The game seemed to be going well for me, with a nice chunk of
      territory, a pile of chips, and 2 of the 5 longest train bonuses. But the
      game went even better for Jonathan, who got the other 3 bonuses, and finished
      with an impressive 99, to my 80 and Scott's 46.

      We same 3 then played TransAmerica to synch up with the others. Scott was
      ahead after 2 rounds, when the other table finished, so he was king of the

      Next up at the big table was Dschunke, which Richard brought. I'd played
      before, but Carl and Jonathan hadn't. I started well and led for much of the
      game, but saw my chances vanish towards the end. I tied for 3rd with Carl, on
      44. Way ahead of us were Richard, who won with 71, and Jonathan, who finished
      strongly to almost make it with 70.

      Meanwhile, Dan and Scott played some 2-player games. They played LotR:
      Confrontation a couple of times, with Dan winning both, first as dark and
      then as light. Dan's victorious ways continued when they pulled out Battle
      Line, although his notes inform me that the game went down to the wire.

      Then we made a different 4/2 split. The 4 played Modern Art. We played the
      "share out the doubles" variant, thus making it a game of skill rather then
      luck, and thus ensuring that I would win. Maybe that's a little excessive.
      Jonathan was doing very well until the final round. And the scores were
      remarkably close: I had 442, Jonathan, 425, Dan, 421, and Scott, 417.

      Meanwhile, Richard and Carl played a few 2-player games, on which I will
      quote Richard. First, Carl "crushed" him at Battle Line. Then, Carl "killed"
      him at Dvonn. They then played Battle Cry, with Carl, in his first game,
      taking the north at Chickamunga. The notes reveal that "Richard, ever
      offensive, won 6 to 3."

      After Modern Art, Jonathan and Scott each had to depart. Dan and I looked
      around for a quick 2-player game to play while the Battle Crying wound down.
      Dan asked about StreetSoccer, so I taught him. It was a close game, but, with
      time about to run out, I scored the decider and won 4-3. I'm now 3-0 lifetime
      at this game.

      Then Dan and Carl had to go. Richard and I looked around for a 2-player
      closer, and hit on... Puerto Rico. We played Alea's official 2P variant, so
      we had one board each. I started with corn, and established an early lead in
      victory point chips. But Richard was making more money, especially after he
      got the Factory (my favorite building). There is only one of each violet (i.e
      non-production) building in this variant.

      Despite my running lean on money, I was able to get 2 of the 5 large
      buildings: the fortress and the customs house. Richard had a chance to get a
      3rd large building, and not taking it may have cost him the game.

      He finished with 71 = 29 shipping points + 26 building points + 16 bonus
      points. I had 72 = 36 + 19 + 17. One fewer colonist, and I've have scored one
      fewer bonus point from the Fortress. One fewer VP from shipping, and I'd have
      scored one fewer bonus point from the Customs house. I'd have lost to Richard
      on a tiebreak, had one been needed - but it wasn't, I was the clear winner by
      a point. I was pleasantly surprised at how well PR plays 2P.

      OK, on to the closing words. We finished at about 12:20am. This was BLAH CIII
      (i.e. the 103rd session at my place). Previous sessions are indexed at:


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