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Re: SR: GSG 10/29 and ASL Day 10/26 - Wallenstein, ASL, Numbters, plus a whole lot more!!!

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  • Campbell MacInnes
    ... Mark ... An interesting enough game, but I found it more confusing than enjoyable. I m a sucker for history though, which bumped it up a notch or so... ...
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 30, 2002
      --- In Unity_Games@y..., Mark Edwards <danger.mouse@a...> wrote:

      > ASL Day: 10/26
      > Roll Call: Eric, Adam, Steve, Marty, Campbell and Mark
      > Wooden Ships and Iron Men: Eric, Adam, Steve, Marty, Campbell and

      An interesting enough game, but I found it more confusing than
      enjoyable. I'm a sucker for history though, which bumped it up a
      notch or so...

      > ASL - Gavin's Take: Adam and Campbell
      > I taught the ASL newbies an introductory scenario and remained
      there to
      > answer questions throughout. ASL is not an easy game to teach (or
      > if you're new to war games), there's just too many rules involved.
      > though the core system is fairly easy to grasp there's entirely too
      > chrome laid on top. But if you love chrome this is the game for
      > The LOS rules are the next hurdle and I never was able to impart how
      > half-height walls can block LOS when the firer or the target aren't
      > adjacent to them.
      > Campbell and Adam struggled a bit with that LOS stuff, plus Morale
      > modifiers vs. Rally modifiers and routing (does anyone REALLY
      > understand routing?), but they soon got into the game. Campbell's
      > objective was to exit more of his US elite paratroops off the
      > edge of the map board than Adam could exit of his German infantry.
      > was outnumbered so he had to kill off some Americans or delay them
      > enough to win.
      > Campbell chose to split his troopers into about 5 forces and he
      tried to
      > gallop around Adams flanks. Adam quickly leapt out of his
      > defense to meet each of the prongs. This proved his undoing.
      > some poor rolling by Campbell his elite troops overmatched Adam's
      > and 2nd line infantry in numbers and quality. He basically wore
      > down to the point where only a couple of Adam's squads remained
      > on the board. Campbell scooted off the required troops soon after.
      > Campbell liked the period flavor and tactical nature of the game
      while I
      > think the chrome factor was a bit much for Adam's tastes.

      I thought the game captured the effect of real life strategy and
      tactics fairly well, and allowed me to finally apply some very simple
      lessons from my readings of the "Art of War" in a manner closer to
      their original intent than I am usually able to (a handy book for
      business beyond that).

      The chrome never completely overwhelmed me, but then we had Mark to
      answer questions the whole game, and it was very evident that he
      didn't have us use the entire ruleset.

      > After our table finished ASL we went into cool down mode.
      > Africa: Adam, Campbell and Mark
      > Adam gains a measure of revenge by winning here.

      My first play of this game. I can understand the stated
      dissapointment of others on the list for it, as the luck factor is
      very high, and the choices pretty low.

      > Titan the Arena: Adam, Campbell and Mark
      > Adam gains even more revenge by swatting one of Campbell's heavily
      > backed creatures early in the game and taking the win. Campbell
      > finishes far back in last place.

      My first FULL play of this. As stated, as I was screwed pretty early
      on, but tried to make a go of it anyway. I found most of the powers
      on the creature cards (with the exception of the Hydra and one other)
      to be fairly useless, but that may be one reason that I lost.

      > Money: Adam, Campbell and Mark
      > I come up with a huge 3rd round to take the victory going away.

      Another first play for me in a day of first plays. This was
      enjoyable. After jumping out to a noticeable lead in the first round,
      I ended-up having to switch what I was aiming for midway through each
      of the next two rounds, and thus scored fairly low each time.

      > Quandary: Adam, Campbell and Mark
      > I managed to edge out the younguns for the win. (And here's another
      > quick and light game I'd play anytime!).

      This was a close one, and I would have won had any one of several
      tile plays gone differently. The bits are rather nice, though they
      reminded me so much of "Lick-em Stix" (from the candy Richard and
      Matt, from the candy...) that I even remarked on it.

      > I still have a yearning to play Conquest of the Empires

      Me too. A game I have owned since elementary school (and used to play
      constantly) but has not been broken-out in years.

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