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[Fwd: SR: GINA, Nick's take]

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  • Mark Edwards
    Sean sent this to the UG owners instead of to the list so I figured I d forward it on... ... -- Mark Edwards danger.mouse@attbi.com Update URL!@ If you re
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 24, 2002
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      Sean sent this to the UG owners instead of to the list so I figured I'd
      forward it on...

      "vinal.rm" wrote:

      > I'll add my .02 to Nick's report:
      > > Tal der Konige
      > Nick should get honorable mention for this game, since in the final
      > round he had a 50% chance of winning, and Richard and I each had
      > 25%. I managed to pull off a shrewd but also somewhat lucky bid to
      > claim twice as many blocks as the others in the last round. Richard
      > should have taken the time to calculate his odds of winning by
      > prolonging the game and denying me the tie, but he didn't and was
      > forced to suffer my snickering as a result.
      > >After Sean managed to grab 2 bonus buildings, with only
      > > Richard having built even 1, the game soon ended with Sean the
      > >victor.
      > It pains me to say this but Richard acutally won this game, 64 to my
      > 56, or something thereabouts. I ended the game with 3 populated
      > large buildings to Richard's 1, but he shipped like Ebay Barbie the
      > whole game, and I couldn't quite make up the difference.
      > While Nick moved on to Taj Mahal, Richard, Randall, Dan, and I
      > mutually learned and played Stephenson's Rocket. I think I enjoyed
      > it more than the others at the table did. Richard mentioned that he
      > thought it was too complicated, but he managed to win anyway.
      > Then I played San Marco with Randall and Dan. This was my second
      > playing of this (their first), and it wowed me as much as the first
      > time. If this one holds up for me it will be in my top ten. This
      > was a weird game of it, though, since the doge card only appeared 3
      > times in the entire game. It made for some very low scores, but
      > there was still lots of tension and hard decisions. I ended up with
      > the win. Both Randall and Dan were very enthusiastic about the game
      > as well.
      > Then, since the others were still playing Tikal, the 3 of us played
      > Tri-Balance. The game was ridiculously close to a 3 way tie - 62 to
      > 62 to 61, with Dan being the big loser. :)
      > After all the wimps left (it was only 1:30am after all), Richard and
      > I played a few games of Knockabout. Richard thrashed me in the first
      > game, as I couldn't quite get a handle on the strange feel of the
      > game. I managed to give him a run for his money in the rematch
      > though, only giving him the win (5 to 4) on a stupid mistake, having
      > forgotten what the win condition was and giving my fifth piece to him
      > in what I what I had planned to be a sacrifice play. This is a very
      > good game with a very unique feel to it.
      > Sean

      Mark Edwards
      Update URL!@

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