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MVGA SR: 10/17

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  • Walter H. Hunt
    Roll call: Anton, Dan M, Rich M, Walter, Paul H Surprisingly, we had a night in which Puerto Rico didn t get a play. This current favorite has recently been
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 24, 2002
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      Roll call: Anton, Dan M, Rich M, Walter, Paul H

      Surprisingly, we had a night in which Puerto Rico didn't get a play.
      This current favorite has recently been added to the MVGA's games
      locker; one of the advantages of a permanent site is that we always have
      something to play, even if no one brings a game.

      When everyone arrived we sat down to a game of FUNKENSCHLAG. I had
      gotten the map enlarged and laminated for both Rich and I, so we were
      able to play on a 22"x28" board. Things got underway slowly, but we
      quickly reached the second stage of the game when Anton built to his
      eighth city. While everyone else was a step behind, Anton was introduced
      to one of the most interesting mechanisms of the game; he saved his
      money and didn't buy any intermediate power plants, and had to watch
      while everyone caught up and went ahead in power plant capacity.
      Meanwhile, Paul and I raced ahead in capacity and tried to connect to
      the requisite number of cities. Paul could've ended the game at least
      one round before it actually did, but had no motivation to do it: I was
      ahead in power plants and would've won; I did the next round when I was
      able to build 5 cities, mostly in Richard's lucrative back area in the
      NE corner of the board. A great and clever game, a sort of railroad game
      with a nice economic system on top of it. (Andrew, do you like the
      market setting mechanism?)

      Anton headed home after the game, which ran almost 2 1/2 hours; the
      remaining four played a scenario from the SIEDLER book - Die
      W├╝stenreiter, which has some interesting ideas in it: desert rider
      markers accumulate in the deserts, and once they're all on the board
      they spread out to adjacent areas and block production (and stop
      cities/settlements from counting for VPs). You can get rid of them by
      using Ritters. Unfortunately, there's a significant continent where
      there are no deserts, and the first person to get there and take control
      of it dominates production while everyone else struggles to recover. So,
      that would have been Dan. Rich and Dan led most of the way while I
      managed to stay in the game a bit; Paul was stuffed from early on and
      really hated this variant, which he described in . . . judgemental terms.

      So, there you go - a rare MVGA SR. Hope to see any of you tonight or on
      any future Thursday night. We're not meeting on Hallowe'en night; most
      of the regulars will be conducting their little ones through the
      ceremonial accumulation of candy.

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