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SR: B2O x2

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  • Adam Smiles
    I ve had the notes lying around for a while and figured I d get the session reports out before we went I added a third round of B2O to the list tommorrow. I m
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 3, 2002
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      I've had the notes lying around for a while and figured I'd get the session
      reports out before we went I added a third round of B2O to the list
      tommorrow. I'm not sure how informative these will be with such a time lag,
      but I'll do my best.


      Gamers in Attendance: Adam, Dave F, Scott, Ralph, Paul, Dave L, Nick,
      Richard, Kyle, Campbell, Rich, Alison, Brian, Mike.

      Games that hit the table: Money, Corsairs, La Citta, Can't Stop, Black
      Vienna, Crokinole, Call My Bluff, Robo Rally, San Marco, Taj Mahal, Princes
      of Florence, Hang in There, LOTR: Controntation, Werewolf, Das Amulett.

      Comments on games I played...

      MONEY: After a brief exposure to Money at Andrews, I was interested in
      giving it another whirl. Scott broke out his copy and 5 of us were off.
      Again we only played a single hand as other gamers started to arrive. I'd
      like to try a full game of it and see how I like and if I improve. I came
      in second to last in both single hand games.

      LA CITTA: Again another repeat from BLAH. I decided to try and replicate
      Andrew's strategy, since he beat me with it. Basically, don't pay to much
      to the whims of the people on each round and just build the best city you
      can and the rounds should even out. It also involved building lots of farms
      and running money poor with no quarries. I got down an ealry 3rd city and
      had some pretty solid cities. My people never starved and all 3 cities got
      the 3 point bonus, but Dave's cities turned into Monsters. He just kept
      sucking people from everyone. He finished with 33 people and 6 points in
      city bonuses to my 24 people and 9 in city bonuses. Ralph and Scott brought
      up the rear.

      BLACK VIENNA: At my request Richard tucked this into his game bag. I always
      make one mistake that I can't account for later in the game. I was sure
      that Campbell had C, when in fact he had I.... I think this may be my
      favorite deduction game. I look forward to playing a game without Richard,
      so that I (and the others) have a chance to win.

      Following a brief game of BLUFF in I was trounced early, the 10 of us broke
      into 2 5-player ALEA classics. TAJ and PoF.

      TAJ MAHAL: I took the +2 bonus card in round 3 and played it every round
      until it was taken from me in round 9 or 10. As such I had a nice lead most
      of the game. The problem was that I had to stay in each of the rounds, so I
      missed a number of chances to wussy fold and improve my hand. This was my
      undoing as I ran out of steam down the stretch and Rich passed me in the
      final round. Other players were Campell, Ralph, and newbie Nick.

      I then moderated WEREWOLF, where Rich and Alison ran the table, feasting on
      villagers and night and watching them hang each other each day. Richard had
      the bad luck to have all of the villagers he "saw" killed off, and waited
      one turn too long to reveal that he knew Alison was a werewolf.

      DAS AMULETT: Another game brought to B2O by my request. A quick rules
      refresher and we were off. Rich and I both had built up sizeable hands of
      metal cards, but had to spend all of them to keep Kyle from winning. Which
      of course left us with no resources for the following turn when Kyle would
      clinch his victory.

      Another great night. Thanks to Dave at Scholars for the munchies and the
      gaming space.


      Gamers in Attendance: Paul, Scott, Kyle, Rich, Dave F, Matt, Adam, Andrew,
      Nick H, Ben, Dave L, Alison, Ralph, Nick A, Brian, Campbell, Steve, Amber

      Games that hit the Table: T&E, Through the Desert, Puerto Rico, Citadels,
      LOTR: Confrontation x2, Elchfest, Fantasmi, Carcasonne x2, Hick Hack im
      Gacklewack, Call My Bluff, Magellan, Where's Bob's Hat,
      San Marco, Hang in There, Princes of Florence, Die Macher, Finger Flicking

      Very Brief Comments:

      T&E: I won. Matt and Andrew acuse each other of letting me win by not
      tacking my monuments away. Taught game to Nick.

      Citadels: I won. See comments by Terry and Alison from 2 weeks ago.

      LOTR: I taught this game to Brian. He then purchased it. I would like to
      win with Dark. Someting I believe I have yet to do.

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