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Re: [Unity_Games] SR: B2O - Aug 23

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  • AndAgainMA@aol.com
    Following on from the posts on LotRings: Confrontation... Yes, Sean, there is a familiarity effect. As with any special powers game, you need to know what
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 25, 2002
      Following on from the posts on LotRings: Confrontation...
      Yes, Sean, there is a familiarity effect. As with any "special powers" game,
      you need to know what powers are out there. In LotR:C there are 9 units and 9
      cards per side. The 2 sides have similar cards, but that's still 18 units,
      each with a different power, and more than a dozen distinct cards.
      Having said that, the rules are very simple, as are the unit powers and card
      effects, so this is not Lord of the Rings: The Cosmic Encounter. And some
      kind soul has posted a rules summary on Boardgamegeek, so if you think you'll
      be playing, you can pre-familiarize yourself. (NB there are several errors in
      the fuller rules tranlsation on the geek.)
      The error I made in the game with Adam was charging forward to Frodo with the
      Black Rider towards the end of the game. Once the slippery little rat
      retreated sideways (his special power), the rider was out of the game, and I
      was out of good moves, since you can only move forward (unless of course you
      have a unit with a power that says otherwise).
      After a few plays, this is one of my favorites of the year so far. Its
      staying power, of course, remains to be seen.
      In more general B2O stuff, I arrived early, and visited Scholars for the
      first time. I was able to find Pueblo, the game I was looking for, and, as
      always, appreciate the Unity discount. By the way, Dave brought some games to
      the hall at a 75% discount. I think that everything except A Dog's Life sold.
      I know that a couple of people got a steal on Liberte.
      I got to break in my copy of Pueblo later in the evening. I also got to break
      in the copy of Tin Soldiers I got several weeks ago. 4 of us played it as a
      partnership game, as which it is very good. Talking of partnership games, I
      was in the same game of Die Sieben Weisen as was Adam, and as always enjoyed
      the game very much.
      Apologies for recent postings to the list of what was intended as private

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