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SR: B20 5/24

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  • hansel_ma
    I haven t seen a session report for B20 in a while so I ll try to post something. I also need to increase my posting apparently -- I m barely above Jonathan
    Message 1 of 1 , May 28, 2002
      I haven't seen a session report for B20 in a while so I'll try to post
      something. I also need to increase my posting apparently -- I'm
      barely above Jonathan "MIA" Yedidia! I didn't take notes about people
      attending and games played, so sorry if I left anyone out.

      So, Friday was another great night at B20, again proving that all of
      you who are not willing to drive all the way the hell down to
      Bridgewater are totally missing out. All I can say is: are you people
      on crack?!

      I arrived early last week and got to participate in the mega WEREWOLF
      event involving everyone from the our group (RICHARD, TERRY, BRIAN,
      KYLE, GARY, DANIELLE, SCOTT, CAMPBELL...only those who had started a
      game of TRADERS OF GENUA sat out) and the Magic players upstairs. We
      had two groups each with about 15-20 players. Our game was pretty
      good, with the villagers wasting no time wasting their own. As three
      Magic kids and Danielle and I were left, I was about to nominate
      Danielle and she beat me too it. I was of course, as always, merely a
      humble villager seeking to save her town and Danielle the one
      remaining evil werewolf. I was, of course, killed. But the kids
      figured it out just in time and got her on the next vote. Well
      played, Danielle! Beware of her folks!

      The Traders group (I think: RALPH, DAVE F., TOM, ADAM) kept on playing
      undisturbed by the carnage upstairs. After returning to gaming
      downstairs, Gary and Danielle and I played WYATT EARP. I threw down a
      hideout on one of Gary's melds in the first round and sort of knocked
      him out of contention for a while. Danielle and I were battling for
      the lead and I luckily had the opportunity to go out early in the
      third round before she could make any points, sneaking out the

      Next, I tried out the new SANTE FE RAILS. MATT taught Brian, Richard
      and me the rules (after Adam gave him a refresher) and despite not
      being able to see ways to collect points when building track, I
      managed to do well with the cards that I drew. For me at least,
      luckily pulling some city cards that others had worked well to build
      to was the deciding factor. Matt, who had done a great job of
      building tracks to his cities, edged me out by a couple of points.
      The game lasted a bit long and was unusual I think in that the
      supplemental train lines didn't come into the game until very late.
      Many of us had to pass our turns several times because there was
      nothing we could build until the one person with a branch card
      extended the one active line or someone drew the new train lines from
      the draw pile. I don't think that's how it's supposed to go!

      I got to play TORRES next, with Richard (who was by this time weakened
      by allergies and Matt's persistent taunting) and Adam. I love this
      game! My luck continued as I seemed to pull the exact right "cheater"
      cards when I needed them.

      Finally, we managed to get 12 together to play one more game of
      WEREWOLF before I had to go. We forced Matt to play and then the evil
      werewolves killed him first. Suck it! We played with the Thief and
      ended up having three werewolves. We found them all eventually, Terry
      and Dave F. deciding after long deliberation that NICK and I were
      harmless villagers and Scott H. the last werewolf. Woohoo, villagers

      Others games I remember seeing be played were: RA, CAPITOL, BUFFY
      (which started around midnight!), FLOWERPOWER, FANTASY BUSINESS, and

      See you all next time!!
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