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Matthew's Top 10

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  • Matthew Gray
    In the spirit of Craig s comments on his top 10, here s mine: 10. Haste Worte? This is one of the best word games I ve ever played and I ve gotten in several
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2002
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      In the spirit of Craig's comments on his top 10, here's mine:

      10. Haste Worte?
      This is one of the best word games I've ever played and I've gotten in
      several plays in April. If you haven't gotten a chance to play this, make
      sure you do.

      9. Pizarro & Co.
      Aka "Magellan". All auctions, with several clever mechanics in terms
      of who can bid in the auctions and the impact of the auctions on
      gameplay. I'm eager to play this more.

      8. M
      I somehow never got around to playing this Essen 2000 release until the
      Gethering, and was very impressed. I'm growing more font of abstract games,
      and I especially like the scoring mechanic on this one.

      7. Starship Catan
      I bought this without having played it, and was a little worried I was
      making a mistake, since I'm not so fond of the Settlers Card Game. I
      was much more pleased with this. I think it may be a bit too long,
      but it's still enjoyable.

      6. Alles im Eimer
      "The Bucket Game". Interesting, simple, almost surprising it hasn't
      been done before. Steffan Dorra continues to impress.

      5. Code 777
      I knew before playing this that I'd like it and I was right. You don't
      get to wear things on your head, but there are colors. It's a shame it
      is essentially impossible to find and only plays 4.

      4. Frisch Fisch
      I was introduced to this 5-year-old Friedemann Friese game at the
      Gathering and I love it. It has very simple mechanics and rules, but
      a single tile play can end up having anything from no immediate
      effect, to causing several other tiles to be placed. Very nicely
      done, and I'm very sad I can't get a copy for a reasonable price.

      3. Pueblo
      This is a great abstract 3-d geometry game. Sadly, there aren't that
      many 3-d geometry games in general, but more should be made and this
      is a great start. The pieces are great and the play is quick and fun.
      Plus, I think I'm beginning to understand a little bit of how to play
      well, rather than how I did my first few games.

      2. TransAmerica
      This is great. There may be almost no skill, all the skill may be in
      the initial placement, or there may be tons of skill, but for the
      moment, I don't care, because it's surprisingly fun. I'm chomping at
      the bit to get my copy and I'm sure I'll eventually feel like I've
      filled up on nachos and salsa, but that sure is yummy salsa.

      1. Puerto Rico
      This game has that oh-so-satisfying quality of thinking "Hm, if I buy
      this and this, and then do that, I should be able to accomplish
      something" and then, it's up to you to actually deliver on that plan.
      Successful planning is usually rewarded. Lots of fun, especially if
      slowpokes are prodded.

      Here's the one's that didn't quite make the Top 10 for the month:

      11) How Ruck!
      12) Dschunke
      13) Knockabout
      14) Clash of the Gladiators
      15) SpinBall
      16) Celebrities
      17) Basari
      18) 6 nimmt!
      19) Princes of Florence
      20) Fantasmi

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