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SR: Chez Dork, Stephenson's Rocket, Primordial Ooze

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  • Vitas Povilaitis
    April 1, 2002 Private session. 2-player Chez Dork, 2-player Stephenson s Rocket, 2-player Primordial Ooze. Chez Dork. Players were Nancy and myself. I
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      April 1, 2002

      Private session. 2-player Chez Dork, 2-player Stephenson's Rocket,
      2-player Primordial Ooze.

      Chez Dork.
      Players were Nancy and myself. I played for the first time.

      Chez Dork is a fun, themed card game in which players play characters
      who are obsessed collectors of stuff like miniatures, dice,
      role-playing games. Characters have permanent obsessions and
      advantages and disadvantages. During the game, players can buy stuff
      from their hand, scoring more points if the stuff is something they're
      obsessed about. They can change obsessions as well--their own or their
      opponents. Players can play special cards which are twists to the game
      to benefit their characters or hinder their opponents.

      Nancy and I played two games. It's obviously a better game with more
      people because then players can trade and auction off stuff. The game
      played quickly, perhaps because of the special cards. During the first
      game, Nancy was able to boost her income many which gave her enough
      money to buy enough stuff to win. During the second game, I was able
      to double the value of the expensive stuff I was obsessed over to win
      the game.

      I wonder, though... Nancy played a card that allowed her to auction
      off any stuff in play to gain money... She played it on my stuff! I
      couldn't find any wording on the card to prove this wasn't allowed,
      but it seems to go against the logic of the game. What do you think?

      The first game was about a half hour including time to get familiar
      with the rules. The second game was about 20 minutes.
      * Nancy: 28 (playing Carson with no permanent obsessions, and
      allowed three temporary obsessions.)
      * Vitas: 22 (playing Bill with two permanent obsessions: Miniatures
      & Warhamster, and never any temporary obsessions.)

      * Vitas: 33 (playing Igor with an Anime obsession and allowed a
      single temporary obsession.)
      * Nancy: 18 (playing Ken with a computer games obsession and allowed
      a single temporary obsession.)

      Stephenson's Rocket.
      Players were Nancy and myself. Nancy never played before.

      Let's see if I come up with a new way of looking at this game...

      Stephenson's Rocket is a nicely themed game about developing the first
      railways in England to acquire the most money. The idea is to connect
      railway lines to cities and railway towns. Cities have resources, so
      connecting to them scores if you have dibs on those resources. Railway
      towns have passengers, so railways with the most stations scores for
      connecting to them. Play continues until all the tracks are laid or
      all the railway lines have merged.

      We played a close game ending with a single railway line after an hour
      and a half of play. Nancy skipped a few scoring opportunities in her
      eagerness to merge lines which is why she lost, but it seems games are
      often close so it's best to grab every little bit of scoring possible.
      * Vitas: 160,000
      * Nancy: 156,000

      Primordial Ooze. ("Primapradis gyvybes saltinis")
      Players were Nancy and myself. We both played this for the first time.

      I snatched up this import from the most unlikely of places, a catalog
      from Lithuania called "Balandis Zaidimu." It has the most unusual
      components I've seen. Each player gets a container of clay and a
      container of that Nickleodeon goo in their color. Each player gets two
      actions per turn from three choices. 1) Lay down two cubic centimeters
      of clay which becomes the bed (game board) on which play continues, 2)
      Use a divot (chosen from two sizes, requiring one or two action
      depending on size) to make an impression into the clay bed of a size
      of one or two cubic centimeters, 3) Pour five cubic centimeters of goo
      onto the clay bed. The first player to fill a certain combined size of
      impressions wins. (We played to ten cubic centimeters for a quick

      The real fun of the game comes from stacking clay and making
      impressions such that when the goo runs over the first impression, it
      fills another impression. We keep track of how much was poured from
      the markings on the goo container (rounded down), but all the goo must
      be poured because part of the gameplay is managing the limited supply
      of goo, so it's a good thing we had a piece of plastic that acted as a

      We played best two out of three. Each game lasted a half hour.
      * Nancy: 15 cubic cm
      * Vitas: 3 cubic cm

      * Vitas: 12 cubic cm
      * Nancy: 9 cubic cm

      * Nancy: 10 cubic cm
      * Vitas: 9 cubic cm
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