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  • nix342
    Up Front is without a doubt my desert island game. One web site of note is www.ufpbw.com. That stands for Up Front play by web . This site has a decent
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 26, 2002
      Up Front is without a doubt my "desert island" game.

      One web site of note is www.ufpbw.com. That stands for "Up Front
      play by web". This site has a decent web interface that lets you
      play the game against a human opponent. The web site looks
      cumbersome at first...it's all text and cgi...but it does the job
      quite nicely once you learn it. I've been playing an UF campaign
      game using it with an old buddy living in NJ. Another great
      reference while you're playing online is
      http://home.rochester.rr.com/djb/UpFront/Rulebook/ An online
      versiion of the rulebook.

      I've been playing this game for many years and would be happy to
      teach it to anyone. I will put it in my backpack so it will
      regularly be found at B2O.

      Regarding MMP's update, I've been anticipating this for too long.
      It's 2002 now and I don't see "UF2000" being published any time
      soon. Information from MMP is extremely vague and sparse. I think
      that there may be some rules changes (most likely billed
      as "clarifications")...inevitable, I think, since I know it is their
      intention to rewrite the rules with a better presentation. In any
      case, it's been in my "must buy" column since MMP said they were
      taking on the project...I just hope it's not vaporware....

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