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Re: February Games Played

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  • sahenshaw
    Following Craig s lead I will write about my games played in Feb. I played 19 different games for a total of 34 played. I got to play some meaty games last
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2002
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      Following Craig's lead I will write about my games played in Feb.
      I played 19 different games for a total of 34 played.
      I got to play some meaty games last month and was happy about that.
      Die Macher, El Grande and Die Handler all were played by me at
      various venues. I played some games for the 1st time last month,
      including: Kuh Handel (Your Bluffing!), Royal Turf, Saloon,
      Schnappchen Jagd, Wizard, Atlantic Star (Showmanagers newly re-themed
      version) and the electronic version of old favorite, Taboo.
      Old/New favorites hit the table: San Marco, Cartagena, Daytona 500,
      Kohle Kies and Knete, Gargon, Nur Peanuts! and Apples to Apples.
      Crokinole was tied for 1st with most plays. My new board contributes
      to that. As much as I practice, I just can't shoot consistently. I'll
      keep trying because I love this game!
      Savannah Cafe tied with Croke for most plays at 6. The game is not a
      great game, but it is a quick light filler. I taught this to a new
      group and played 6 games in less than 40 mins.
      Die Macher was taught to 4 new players who let me into their game
      group for a night. They have been playing for 20+ years together. The
      rules explanation was about an hour and some details were left out,
      but we moved on. The first 4 regions were low scoring (Region 3 was
      Bremen at 15 points!). Regions 5-7 were heavyweights, including the
      80 pointer! The new crew picked up quickly the finer points and we
      finished in about 4.5 hours. I wasted a lot of energy and time on a
      region I lost. This cost me any chance of being competitive. I must
      learn to cut my losses! A great brain burner I can't wait to play
      New game reactions:
      Kuh Handel: Not a 5-player game. Want to try at 3 & 4 players.

      Royal Turf: I enjoyed 3 plays of this one. I will play again, but it
      will not be in my game collection (I did buy Jockey though).

      Saloon: A fun barroom brawl game. I will buy if in English.

      Schnappchen Jagd: Will play again!

      Wizard: How did I miss this! Great game. I bought the English version
      to teach the family, I want the German version for the nice cards!

      Atlantic Star: I've played Showmanager twice and it is not on my want
      to play list. The new version leaves me just as cold, not sure why.

      Electronic Taboo: I always liked Taboo as a party game. The
      electronic version is nice, portable and you can change the taboo
      words to 3, 5 or 7!!!. At 7 taboo words, I can't give any useful
      clues! Great fun!

      Other game thoughts: San Marco was taught to a new player who doesn't
      game much. He loved it and wanted to know where he could buy a game
      like that! He beat Bill and me by a 10-point margin. I really like
      this game with 3 players.
      KK&K- First game I taught 4 new players. They LOVED it. 2nd game was
      at B2O with the usual suspects. That was a fun filled LONG game that
      ended with Matt giving away his victory to David F. That was fun!!
      Daytona 500 was taught to new players and was enjoyed with 3, but I
      think 4 would be best.

      See you at the gaming table,
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