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SR: SSG 2/25

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  • Dave Bernazzani
    Long week so short report! SSG 2/25 The SSG (South Shore Gamers) met on Monday night. We again had 6 which has been the rock steady number of gamers we ve had
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2002
      Long week so short report!

      SSG 2/25

      The SSG (South Shore Gamers) met on Monday night. We again had 6 which has
      been the rock steady number of gamers we've had since coming back to the
      B&N. I was thinking Monday on the drive home that while I miss the big
      Saturday SSG, the smaller Monday has been really fun. Thanks to the folks
      that have been making it down! Gamers this week included myself, Andy,
      Adam, Pete, David and his brother Dennis in from Germany. Nice to meet
      Dennis - he fit right in and was playing like a pro in short order! We also
      saw Mike for a few minutes - but he disappeared back into the bookstore.
      After our first game finished, I went for a quick stroll around the
      bookstore but could not locate him.

      We just concluded one of the finest Winter Olympics held right here in the
      US of A and I am a big watcher of the Olympic events. Was sad to see them
      come to an end, but in that spirit we awarded invisible medals for the

      RICOCHET ROBOT - We started with a little Ricochet Robot for a warm-up.
      This game fell sharply off my play list last year, but I'm not sure why as I
      still love the puzzle-like challenge. If you are not into puzzle-like
      almost solitairish challenges, than this is not a game for you. But I find
      it fun and tense to try and work out the shortest path. I've always liked
      puzzles this is one of my favs. The Hansels took Gold and Silver. An
      American had to settle for Bronze (I think the rest of us were tied).

      6 NIMMT - I just learned this clever little Kramer card game on Saturday
      after the TotalCon boardgame convention. Fun little game that fills in
      about 20-25 minutes once people are up to speed. David one again. Add a
      2nd gold for Germany.

      LIARS DICE x2- You all know the game by now. Since we had 6 and not many
      games in our bags tonight that played well with 6 so Liar's Dice came out
      (which always plays well with 6). Nobody will believe it, but I won another
      game of Liar's Dice - and with 4 dice left. Folks wanted to play again, so
      I won again (with 5 dice left). Two wins in a row - they are now
      investigating for a possible red-blood-cell increase that might have
      accounted for my performance. Add two golds for America.

      CARCASSONNE - We split into 2 tables of 3 players each. The other table
      played Cartegena (not sure who won) but our table played Carcassonne. We
      played without the River Expansion for a change of pace and got Dennis up to
      speed. Pete was old-hand at Carcassonne and I've played 30+ times. We used
      old-school farmer scoring. A close contest with the final scores all
      bunched together. I edged Dennis out in farming by just a single city and
      that gave me the victory. Another gold for America - Silver for Germany and
      tack on a Bronze for miracle-Pete's performance.

      I also made it up to MVGA for Walter's Masonic game-night. Nice turnout
      with 12 (I think Walter was a little disappointed in the turnout from
      non-gamer members of the club but I thought it was nice to see some
      non-gamers get in some great games like Acquire, Union Pacific, etc.). The
      tables were nicely set up with some favorite games - it looked glorious! I
      played Basari, Wyatt Earp and Formula De - all were fun. Thanks for running
      this event Walter - maybe you got a non-gamer or 2 interested in coming

      Dave Bernazzani
      http://www.gis.net/~dber (South Shore Gamers)
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