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SR: TotalConfusion Boardgame Tourney - Feb 23, 2002

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  • Dave Bernazzani
    TotalConfusion is a local game convention held annually here in Eastern MA. In the years past, it has featured a large number of Roleplaying games,
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      TotalConfusion is a local game convention held annually here in
      Eastern MA. In the years past, it has featured a large number of
      Roleplaying games, Miniatures, CCGs, LARPs. There is also a
      contingent of boardgamers - usually in the form of the Puffing
      Billy tourney (train games) and some war games (I always seem to
      see some older Avalon Hill titles being played as well as games
      like Axis & Allies). The "rest" of the boardgamer contingent is
      the occasional game like Settlers. In the past two years, the
      boardgame contingent has been growing.

      For the past few local conventions, local boardgame hero Craig
      Massey has set up and run a light-and-fun boardgame tournament.
      In the past it has focused on Rio Grande Games board and card
      games. This time around, it expanded a bit and included
      offerings from Mayfair, and better German/Euro games that are
      starting to feature more prominently in the dealer rooms, etc.

      The event saw the largest ever general card/boardgame turnout.
      Craig had 36 in teams of 3 (so that would be... um... 12 teams!).
      There were an additional half dozen or more other folks in the
      room playing games like Streetcar, Settlers, etc. So the
      boardgame tourney plus misc other folks totaled well over 40
      gamers. We may not have outnumbered the CCGers in the next
      section, but we were pretty darn close! Unfortunately they only
      allotted us 4 or 5 tables which did not go very far - some of the
      boardgame folks had to play on the floor!

      Rules were that each team member had to play 3 games and your
      team had to cover at least 1 game from each of 4 different
      categories (race games like Elfelnand, etc to Influence games
      like Taj Mahal to Tile Laying games like Carcassonne to card
      games like Wyatt Earp, to Auction games like Traumfabrik). You
      could not play a game with your teammate. Points were scored in
      order of finish - more points if you played a game with more
      people. Anyway, Craig had a formula that seemed fair enough! I'm
      not a big fan of tournaments and the somewhat heightened
      competition it brings, but this was very low-key and very
      enjoyable even for the newbies among us! Craig did a phenomenal
      job and deserves big credit for helping to up the level of
      boardgames played at these conventions.

      I'm sure Craig will report on all the teams and their finishes.

      Our team consisted of myself, my wife Jenn and Alan Moon. Our
      team name was "Newlyweds Plus Lonely Guy" and we worked hard but
      managed to come in somewhere near the bottom of the pack (but not
      last!). I think we had 40 points. I played Metro (came in 1st
      of 4), Wyatt Earp (came in 3rd of 4) and Web of Power (3rd of 3).
      Jenn played Settlers of Catan, Expedition and RA (best finish 2nd
      in Settlers) and Alan played Traumfabrik, Get the Goods (hey, can
      you play our _own_ game!?!) and Carcassonne (best finish was 2nd
      in Carcassonne). We didn't win, but we had great fun! Big
      thanks to Jenn and Alan for being such fine teammates.

      I also got in a few other games "unofficially" during the event.
      Password with Pitt, Tery and Buzz was lots of fun. It was nice
      to see Pitt get shut-out one of the rounds :) And Take 6 (Kramer
      card game) which I had never played and really enjoyed as a light
      card game with some luck and some measure of strategy thrown in.

      As for the results of the tournament, I'm sure Craig will post.
      The team of Pitt, Tery and Mark were the winners and Pitt was the
      overall individual best player. Congrats to those folks for a
      terrific showing. It came down to a tie breaker with a team that
      was cobbled together just prior to the event. Good stuff!

      Thanks again to Craig for running the event. It gets bigger and
      bigger each time - they should realize this and allocate more
      tables next time around!

      PS - the dealer area was a bit weak this time around (IMO)
      although the boardgame selection has been growing. It was my
      first time in without a single purchase - nothing seemed to catch
      my interest. Maybe next time!

      Dave Bernazzani
      http://www.gis.net/~dber (South Shore Gamers)
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