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B&N - Sep 3, 2000

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  • Dave Bernazzani
    Just back from some fine gaming at the Barnes & Nobels. Eight of us in attendance - myself, Jenn, Mark, Alison, David, Andrew, Pete and Jonathan. We split
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 4, 2000
      Just back from some fine gaming at the Barnes & Nobels. Eight of
      us in attendance - myself, Jenn, Mark, Alison, David, Andrew,
      Pete and Jonathan.

      We split into 2 tables of 4 players each. Pete, Jonathan, Alison
      and David played Mississippi Queen. It got fair marks (6's and
      6.5's) - not especially great considering it was the SdJ winner
      but not bad marks. I picked it up recently because of the SdJ
      status, but realized it's a light race game and so am hoping it
      will go over well with family and non-gamer friends. I'll have
      to wait and see as I've not played it myself yet!

      Our table of Andrew, Mark and Jenn (and myself) played my old 3M
      High Big game. I had high hopes that it would be similar to
      Modern art. But it failed miserably - gathering some of the
      lowest marks I've seen yet. I think it was too repetitive and
      really the bidding was not very exciting. By the actual game
      rules, Mark won the game about 8 minutes into it - but we kept
      playing to see how it would play over a longer stretch - maybe a
      mistake. It got mostly 3's ratings and a 1. The average was
      slightly below Lord of the Leprechauns and slightly above
      splinters under fingernails. Andrew has a Small Bid on High Bid
      and I think he is praying to be Out Bid!

      After this we swapped gamers and games. Jonathan, Alison, Andrew
      and Pete played Euphrat & Tigris. Looked like quite a battle -
      Alison won and Jonathan and Andrew had to go to a tie breaker for
      2nd place! Marks were mostly very high - Alison(8.5),
      Jonathan(10), Andrew(9.5) and Pete(5).

      The other table played Robo Rally. We had David-bot, Jenn-bot,
      Mark-bot and Dave-bot. I was so confused when I started - ending
      up turned the wrong way on the conveyor belt, moving voluntarily
      into a pit, firing lasers out my arse-end but had a great time!
      I picked up on it after the first few mistakes and really made
      some progress. Jenn-bot and David-bot were destroying each other
      for most of the game - never straying more than a few squares
      from each other. They either pushed, shoved, crashed or lasered
      each other for much of the game. Mark-bot shot out to a lead
      that we could not catch. He got all 4 flags, David 3 flags and
      Jenn and I 2 flags (only one square from the 3rd flag). Close
      for the rest of us. No contest for Mark. A really fun game -
      David rated it a 10, Mark an 8 and I gave it a 7.5 (but will
      probably rise to 8 very soon with a repeated playing). Jenn was
      not available for a rating. Can't wait to add the Armed and
      Dangerous expansion... hehehe...

      Some pictures of the event tonight have been uploaded to the
      Unity Games site:


      Dave Bernazzani
      http://www.gis.net/~dber (South Shore Gamers)
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