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9499RE: Pompeji, was Re: [Unity_Games] SR: Lobster Trap III

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  • Matthew Horn
    Dec 4, 2001
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      actually, you and I agree on the game. I said that I would never play the
      game with more than 2 people, but I did enjoy the slow burn effect the game
      had on my brain with just Andrew and I playing. In a two-player, since the
      board isn't going to change much, you can set up a better move in a future
      turn by anticipating your opponent's move and there isn't much downtime at

      It's interesting to note that while Andrew and I both used our statue cards
      (wild cards), neither of us used our 2x cards (which in a two player game
      would let you go twice).

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      At 08:55 PM 12/3/01 EST, AndAgainMA@... wrote:
      >If you can cope with the color problem, and the head-scratching nature of
      >this card-laying game, I'd recommend Pompeji.

      With all due respect to Matthhew and Andrew, I'll weigh in with a differing
      point of view. Pompeji is pure and simple a puzzle game. In order to play
      it optimally, you need to analyze the entire board each turn in an effort
      to discover the highest scoring play for the cards you hold. The problems
      are a) card play by other players significantly affects your
      potential,scoring, so you have little ability to do your analysis during
      other players' turns and b) as the game progresses, the analysis takes
      longer and longer as more scoring options come into play through a larger
      and more complex card layout.

      The net result? Lots and lots of downtime. It might just be acceptable as
      a 2 player game but it fails miserably (IMO) with any more than that. If
      you like puzzle games, stick to those that solve the downtime by using
      simultaneous play, like Ricochet Robot).
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