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9486Pompeji, was Re: [Unity_Games] SR: Lobster Trap III

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  • AndAgainMA@aol.com
    Dec 3 5:55 PM
      In response to Matthew's comments on our game of Pompeji at Lobstershack (or
      Lovetrap, or whatever the weekend is called)...

      It is indeed a card-laying game. (I hope to try soon the other card-laying
      game that arrived in the same Adam Spielt order: Knizia's Lord of the Rings
      cardgame, complete with cheesy movie stills.)

      Matthew is rather generous when he reports that I had "a pretty
      good grasp of the rules." The truth is even more amazing: Adlung provide
      clear rules in English for this game! There is Adlung-ese, but of the mild
      variety (e.g., "If a player places a building... in a road, which already
      exists once in this road, he receives points").

      I agree with him that it is a brain-burner - each turn is a puzzle. The two
      of us gave each puzzle some, but not excessive, thought. I think that Pompeji
      would play reasonably well with 3 and maybe with 4, provided everyone was
      willing and able to play at a reasonable pace.

      For me, the biggest problem with the game is that it requires that you are
      able to distinguish between 7 different background colors on the card. This
      wasn't always easy for me in the good light of the LT venue. It would be very
      tough in worse light, or for someone who usually has trouble distinguishing

      If you can cope with the color problem, and the head-scratching nature of
      this card-laying game, I'd recommend Pompeji.


      ps my final point of disagreement with Matt: he, not I, was the "complete and
      utter bastard," stealing my spaces all over the place.

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