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9459SR: B2O(Partial) (WAS:) Re: [Unity_Games] Re: Any action at B2O last night?

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  • Brian
    Dec 1, 2001
      Another good night at B2O. Roll Call: Terry, Matt H,
      Greg, Kelli, Campbell, David F, David, Scott A, Adam,
      Ryan, Al,

      I arrived to find a game of Torres happening, I
      unfortunately have no details on this one, as I was
      quickly pulled into...

      Acquire, which was just starting as I came in (as Adam
      mentioned) and I jumped in with Matt, Adam, and Ryan.
      All I need to say is OUCH. I got rather handily

      The Civ game began shortly after the Acquire game
      ended, as the remaining players (Kelli and Campbell)
      had arrived. They took over the good table, and I
      didn't really speak to them much the rest of the
      night. ;>

      Those of us not playing Civ (Terry, David, David F,
      Scott A, Al, and Brian) floundered about for 6 player
      games and came up with...

      Modern Art: I know, it doesn't say 6, but David F.
      mentioned he had heard of it being played with 6
      before. We ended up dealing 7 card starting hands with
      2 more in the second and third rounds. Money was
      flowing freely this game, and most of it was headed
      for Terry and Scott A. Al had some cash thanks to
      some ridiculously high priced sales and a knack for
      picking a solid finisher. David F and I, on the other
      hand, were not having a good night. The other David
      did pretty well and finished in the middle of the
      pack, supported by myself and David F in the last two
      slots. Scott A. ended up taking the win with somewhere
      around 440K.

      Draco & Co.: In need of another six player, David F.
      suggested we give one of his recent purchases a try.
      David F had read the rules before, and I gave them a
      quick read (not that there's a lot to read....) and
      after a quick explanation, the drinking began. For
      those unfamiliar with the game, the theme is that you
      control characters that are drinking with master bad
      guy Draco. When someone calls for a toast, Draco
      throws money out to those on his good side, and takes
      money from those on his bad side. The game consists of
      playing an action card on your turn that moves your
      characters around the circular "table" closer to
      Draco's good side and your enemies closer to his bad
      side. Some action cards, however, flip Draco over,
      reversing his good and bad sides. David F. had
      mentioned he thought it had a bit of Guillotine feel
      to it, and I could definitely see that, since moving
      your characters followed similar patterns to that of
      moving nobles in line in Guillotine. There doesn't
      seem to be many good reasons not to call a toast
      whenever you can. (There's only one per round of
      players, as the "goblet" is taken out of play when
      someone toasts and not returned until the end of that
      persons NEXT turn.) I'll definitely play this again as
      I tend to like light, chaotic games now and then, but
      I'm not sure how wide an audience this game has/will

      After Draco David F and Terry said farewell, as it
      was getting late. The remaining four, David, Scott A.,
      Al, and myself, decided, at Scott A's suggestion to
      give a "classic" a shot and we sat down for:

      Scotland Yard: Scott A, David, and Brian took on the
      role of the UK's finest and Al put on his evil shoes
      and became Mr. X. We played using both of the
      Advanced rules in the back of the manual, where Mr. X
      can't pass "over" a detective and Mr. X can reveal his
      location on any turn and take one ticket of a single
      type from each of the detectives. Fortunately, the
      detectives got starting positions in three different
      quadrants, relatively close to underground stations.
      When Mr. X revealed himself on his third move, the
      detectives were able to zero in on the quadrant
      quickly. Mr. X was smarter than that, however and with
      clever use of his double move tokens and black
      tickets, managed to evade capature for many more
      turns. In the end, however, as in all things, good
      triumphed and Mr. X was apprehended. I believe he was
      somewhere around the 20th move at the time.

      At this point, it was just past midnight and I decided
      to call it a night.

      Thanks to Adam for reporting on the rest of the

      Another great night at B2O. I'm very happy to see the
      session doing so well, and I hope everyone continues
      to have fun!


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