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9458Re: [Unity_Games] Re: Any action at B2O last night?

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  • Adam Smiles
    Dec 1, 2001
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      This is definitely not a full report.

      I started with Acquire against, Brian, Matt, and Ryan. My first win at this
      game, beating Ryan by about 2 grand. We played the old AH bookcase game,
      which was the recipient of much trash talk at the beginning of the game.

      I believe there were games of Torres and Through the Desert at other tables
      while this was played.

      After this we played a few rounds of Set until Kelli and Campbell arrived.
      Upon which we started Advanced Civ. There were 6 of us Campbell-Illyria,
      Greg-Thrace, Matt-Crete, Me-Assyria, Kelli-Babylon, Ryan-Egypt. Ryan and
      Matt are out to big leads and got hammered by several calamities in a row.
      We got though about 10 turns and recorded the info for conituation at the
      next session.

      I really have no idea whatelse was played while Civ was going on.

      After Civ, we played a quick game of Carcassone, as no one really had much
      left in them after Civ. I beat Ryan by 1 point. Other players: Kelli,
      Campbell and Al.

      After this we finished up with a few hands of Set and called it a night at
      2:30 or so.
      Much thanks to Dave and Scholars for hosting.


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      Subject: [Unity_Games] Re: Any action at B2O last night?
      Date: Sat, 01 Dec 2001 15:50:58 -0000

      Just wondering how things went since I missed out on being there.
      Although I did consider dropping in at midnight, I figured all that
      would be left would be the dedicated crew of Adv. Civ. players.

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