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8403Missionary work in the American Midwest (NOT OT)

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  • Campbell MacInnes
    Oct 1, 2001
      So I just returned from a gathering of friends (not to be mistaken
      with an event of similar name) in Columbus Ohio, where I spent a long
      weekend (thursday-monday) kibbutzing, yakking and chatting.

      I had brought a copy of Wyatt Earp (handy travel-size) and
      Traumfabrik, on the off-chance that some folk might be of mind to
      learn them, and it paid off to a certain extent.

      We had several fun games of Earp, wherein I lost more than I won
      (curses!), but didn't manage to get around to teaching Traum, because
      there were always too MANY people around to just single out a few to
      teach this significantly longer game to.

      So I was casting about in my brain for what to do and picked up a
      deck of cards, grabbed 2 red 2's, a bunch of black number cards and a
      Queen of Clubs, and proceeded to teach all and sundry the wondrous
      game of Werewolf.

      Suffice to say that the initial group gobbled the game up and we
      proceeded to play no less than 12 games in a row (at least, there may
      have been more!).

      It was definitely a whole cartload of fun, especially as the night
      wore on, and many of us became dazed with our imbibement of choice
      (either alcohol or sheer exhaustion). At the same time, skill in the
      game increased and the defenses and became better and more

      That night ended with a final game where everyone finally managed to
      build a proper poker face, and it became DAMN hard to figure out who
      was what.

      Of course, the next night, several people from that group and I went
      over to someone else's house and we taught a whole new bunch of
      people the game. Due to group-size limits that night, we cut things
      down a bit. I believe for the most part, we played with one werewolf
      and an herbalist (with wolfsbane) instead of the seer. It actually
      worked pretty well, though in the 4-6 games we played the herbalist
      was of relatively little use.

      Oh, and the final tally for the weekend was something along the lines
      of Villagers 6, Werewolves 12. About what you'd expect.

      All in all, a fun time, and a good weekend.

      Just figured I'd mention the new Unity Colony (or is it infection?)
      that I've planted in the midwest, with links to several other areas
      as well. Heh.