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8388Re: [Unity_Games] UG Lowpoint

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  • Walter H. Hunt
    Oct 1, 2001
      Craig Massey wrote:

      > Okay, Dave is back and hopefully has his head out of wedding planning
      > mode, UGIII is only a month away, and Essen is in a few weeks.

      I have to admit that I haven't been able to take the time, and haven't much
      been in the mood. On the other hand, Mark's been insulting other people
      instead :-) so that's a positive. I have posed a few questions and not
      really gotten answers, I've been to damn few gaming sessions, and Alan's
      insulted my book a few times with no real riposte from this end. OTOH, the
      cover art's been posted on both bn.com and amazon.com by now, and looks damn

      What was the question again?

      Welcome back Dave&Jenn and Andrew, congrats to Ben and LeJean, best to the
      Hansels and I hope someone's getting some sleep over there. Hope to see you
      all on Thursdays in Holliston or (when I can) Saturdays at SSG.

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