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8387Re: [Unity_Games] Latest Top 10

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  • Mark Edwards
    Oct 1, 2001
      Dave Bernazzani wrote:

      > >8. Tycoon - I'm appreciating this game more and more.
      > I really want to play this. I know I've seen a copy at Mark's.
      > Maybe I can get him to show it to me next Tuesday at GSG?!?

      I do indeed have Tycoon. It would fit into my recent financial
      games mood. I may just force you to retry Shark though. Heheheh.

      > >1. Britannia - Another old game takes the top spot.
      > I think this is best with 4. I played this recently and while it
      > was enjoyable, it was a little long for the enjoyment I derived.
      > But I think I'd definitely play it again - as would Campbell who
      > was there both times I played and he seemed to rather enjoy it.
      > Again, this benefits from people that know the system - the first
      > game was a bit painful getting up to speed. The 2nd game was
      > much better.

      I played this once at a Total Confusion convention with then
      stranger Michael Tsuk and a couple of other guys. It was quite a long
      game, but we all had a good time. I wouldn't want to play this with
      anyone that was too analytical though. I'm thinking that Campbell, Dave
      B and Joe M would be my opponents of choice. You know, guys who use the
      Force more often than not. ;-) My first shot of the day, and despite
      the crowd chanting Walter's name he wasn't even caught in the rain of


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