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8095Re: Um Reifenbreite, and games that transcend their genre

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  • millerandgreen@mediaone.net
    Sep 1, 2001
      > I don't usually like negotiation games, but I really like KK&K.
      > I think that's because the part of negotiation games I dislike
      > is the whining. "Don't make that deal with him! He's winning! You
      > make this deal instead with me! I'm losing!"

      Hey! You're giving away secret strategies here!

      >In KK&K, if you don't
      > like the deal someone is making, you don't have to whine; you can
      > something about it.

      Excellent observation.

      > What card games do those who don't like card games like anyway?

      Taj Mahul - one of my favorites. Not a "pure" card game, though.
      Lost Cities - nice and fast
      Bohnanza - always a blast

      I guess I don't like card games where I have to remember who
      played what in order to do well - I tend to stay away from
      traditional "trick taking" games

      I "like" most other flavors of games (auction, resource, financial)
      so I can't provide any useful data.

      > Andy

      Dan Miller
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