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8000Re: Um Reifenbreite, and games that transcend their genre

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  • Andy Latto
    Aug 26, 2001
      Date: 26 Aug 2001 14:35:38 -0400
      From: Andy Latto <andy.latto@...>

      I've only played this once, but I really enjoyed it, even though
      I don't usually like race games.

      It occured to me that this might be an interesting way to find
      games that lots of people will like. What games to you like that
      are in genres you generally dislike? For example, I think Tichu
      is a great game, but I love card games. I've taught Tichu to
      some people who weren't big on card games, and it didn't really
      seem to grab them. But I've seen people who don't usually play
      trick-taking games play and enjoy Tightrope, for example.

      I don't usually like negotiation games, but I really like KK&K.
      I think that's because the part of negotiation games I dislike
      is the whining. "Don't make that deal with him! He's winning! You should
      make this deal instead with me! I'm losing!" In KK&K, if you don't
      like the deal someone is making, you don't have to whine; you can *do*
      something about it.

      What auction games do those of you who don't like auction games like anyway?

      What card games do those who don't like card games like anyway?

      What resource management games do those who don't like resource management
      still like?

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