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7085B2O, Carcassonne, and a father-son moment

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  • navtges@meditech.com
    Jul 2 6:20 AM
      Another great session at B2O. Taught Jake Up Front, hopefully he'll
      play me again! ;-) My first play of Traumfabrik and it moved up very
      high on my want list. Pony Express was a learning experience...and
      points out a weakness of mine....in games like that where you can
      risk something to move forward.....I can never resist risking it!

      As far as B2O going weekly, I think that would be great. I know that
      I probably would not be able to make it every week, but it would
      definitely give me some flexibility. Plus, it really hurts to miss a
      week now knowing that it will be another two-weeks before a regular
      session. I think we've got a good core crowd, we're already enticing
      Magic players downstairs...let's do it!

      Carcassonne has topped Lord of The Rings now and is in the #8 spot at
      Funagain. There's no stopping this SdJ winner. The question now is
      will it be able to beat out last years winner, Torres? I think we
      all know the answer is Yes!

      Speaking of Carcassonne, it was involved in a great father-son moment
      this past weekend. Kathy asked to play, so of course I said yes...we
      were at her parents house, so they were keeping an eye on the kids.
      As we were starting out, Nicholas comes running up to us and
      asks "Daddy, Nickus play game too?" What a beautiful moment. I
      happily obliged and we had a good time for the rest of the game with
      Nicholas pulling tiles out of the bag and then telling my all the
      places I should put them.