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  • Mark Edwards
    Apr 2, 2001
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      Richard Spoonts wrote:

      > Where did you find it? And how much did it cost you,
      > if I may be so bold?

      I posted a WTB (Wanted to Buy) on rec.games.board.marketplace and someone responded. After a small bit of haggling we decided on $20 for the game (apparently it cost $35 new). The only flaw with the game is that it has 2 blue '0' tiles and is missing the yellow '0' tile. He glued a tiny piece of paper on one of the blue zeros to indicate it should be yellow.

      I'm also working on a second copy which I found for $15 on Yahoo auctions. This one is complete but the box is a bit beat up. I plan on replacing the yellow zero from that one and then selling the resulting complete but not quite perfect copy.

      All that said, I've heard that this game should be relatively easy to find at a fleamarket or yard sale for cheap money.

      Mark (OCD is popular around here)


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