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5275Re: [Unity_Games] Wooden cubes

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  • John P. Cataldo
    Apr 2 11:03 AM
      ] > I believe I've found a source for 1 cm wooden cubes. If you're
      ] > interested, look at
      ] >
      ] > www.rlpalmer.com
      ] Not sure if I read this right but you might have to buy a
      ] 40,000 PCS PER 60 LBS CTN". That's quite a few cubes!! And I'm sure
      ] expensive to have shipped.

      Well, we'd better get a LOT of people together for a big order. :)

      Lessee... if we get forty people together, that's a 1000 pieces for each
      of us. ;)

      ] Another source of 1cm colored cubes (plastic, not wood) is:

      Plastic could be better -- lighter! And probably cheaper... although
      wood has a nicer feel.

      ] www.instructionalfair.com
      ] They come in 10 different colors and are $12.99 for 500 or $23.99 for 1000.
      ] Search for "cubes" and it should turn up.

      Maybe I'll finally have a really good collection of parts for ANY
      cheapass game. :)

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