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5253Re: SR: South Shore Gamers - March 31, 2001

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  • Craig Massey
    Apr 2, 2001
      --- In Unity_Games@y..., Dave Bernazzani <dber@g...> wrote:
      > Roll Call: Dave B, Scott, Noreen, Jenn, LaJean, Ben, Brian,
      > Aaron, Matt H, David H, Alison H, Constantine, Rob, Dave R,
      > Craig, Rich, Pat, Jonathan, Susan, Dick, Andrew, Tamara.

      > Pacal, Three for All, Rehinlander, Volltreffer, Siedler von Catan
      > - Alexander der Grosse & Cheops, Acquire (SS edition), Mystery
      > Rummy (#2 and the brand new #3 I believe), Taj Mahal, Knights,
      > Euphrat & Tigris, Mage Knights, NJet, Battle Line, Aquarium
      > Derby, Chrononauts, En Garde, Cribbage (3P cutthroat), Canasta
      > (4P Partners), Carabande and several others I know I missed.

      Add Stephonsens Rocket and Gang of Four to the list of games played as

      Quick synopsis of the games I participated in on Saturday.

      Mystery Rummy #2: The ongoing match of MR#2 between Pat & Dave vs.
      Alison and myself continued. Even at a game apiece from last week,
      Alison and I took and early lead after two hands including a 41 point
      shut out on hand one and then held on consistantly scoring 20+ points
      over the last three hands while Dave and Pat scored 30+ points but not
      enough to catch up before Alison and I broke 100.

      Gang of Four: While waiting for tables to finish up some longer
      games, the MR#2 group got in three hands of Gang of Four which is in
      the Karriere (sp?) Poker, Great Dalmuti, Tichu family of games. More
      on this in an impending WAGG report.

      Rheinlander - Jonathan, Rich M., Susan, Dave R., myself: A spin
      through the Rhine. Jonathan let Rich and Susan in on the rules which
      surprisingly for a Knizia game are a bit complicated compared to other
      Knizia games. I went with the many little duchies strategy and used
      Bastions to keep opposing Dukes on in in key spots and avoided fights.
      Jonathan made a late play to kick one of my dukes off the board, but
      I had the one card in my hand to get me back in the same duchy on my
      next turn. I ended up taking the victory with Susan second. Debate
      ensued after the game on its merits as a 5 player game and the amount
      of control one has. Its one of those games that I like player and
      almost never turn down though I think it is better with four players.
      You do lose a little control with five and the arch bishop becomes
      very tough to control with that many people.

      Volltreffer (Bullseye) - Susan, Dave, Rich M., Jonathan and myself: A
      trick taking game from Gunter Burkhardt (again more details in the
      upcoming WAGG SR). The basic idea is players are shooting for a end
      game score in the target range. This is done in two phases -
      auction/meld phase and trick taking phase. Rich stormed back on the
      last hand to steal the victory from Jonathan.

      Galloping Pigs - Rich, Dave R., myself: I stunk up the joint as Rich
      and Dave hogged all of the vegetables. I think Rich ended up on top
      of the pig pile.

      Stephensons Rocket - Rich M., Constantine, myself and one other person
      I can't remember, my apologies to whoever it was: New game for
      Constantine and mystery man. Tough one to play with players who have
      played before. Though as scores show, this didn't bear out. Rich
      took the victory with 67 bucks while Constantine and Mystery Man were
      at 62 and 60 and I limped along in the rear with 50. The game
      finished with 3 RRs on the board which was probably the main reason
      for what I think are relatively low scores.

      > NJET - With David, Jenn and Pat. This is a fairly strange trick
      > taking game where we get to choose (by process of elimination)
      > trump suit, start player, discards, scoring doublers, etc. Neat
      > but we only got in 2 rounds and decided to call it to let Alison
      > in on some gaming as her table had just finished up.

      Sorry to have missed this one - a favorite of mine. Also glad to see
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