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  • jsyedidia@yahoo.com
    Apr 1, 2001
      --- In Unity_Games@y..., Dave Bernazzani <dber@g...> wrote:
      > AndAgainMA@a... wrote:
      > >The omission from your list of games played that I
      > >could find was Drahtseilakt, which Aaron, Jonathan,
      > >and I played toward the end of the session. Aaron
      > >won in his first play of this game.
      > Since this game really falls into the trick taking category
      > (albeit a little more strange), Aaron seems to be good at these
      > types of games! Wasn't it Aaron that bought a slew of Tichu
      > decks?!? hehheh

      In fact Aaron seems to be good at every type of game. But I would have
      won if the 4 scoring card turned over before the 0 scoring card at the
      end instead of the other way around, so it was close! I like this game
      a lot but I don't really think it's a "trick-taking" game. There
      aren't any suits, and usually, taking a "trick" is a bad thing because
      it means you take sticks (of course, sometimes you want to do that)
      and have to start the next "trick" (which you never want to do in
      this game). I think it could just as well be considered an "auction"
      game, where you are "bidding" for red or blue sticks.

      Aaron made the good point when we were discussing the game afterwords
      that if you play with the variant where you only use the 1-27 cards
      for 3 players, you should keep the used cards open. Otherwise, the
      variant reduces luck, but mostly in favor of rewarding memory rather
      than rewarding tactical skill.

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