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492Re: Chinatown/Negotiation Games

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  • Alison Hansel
    Aug 1, 2000
      Dave Bernazzani <dber@g...> wrote:
      > Speaking of Funagain reviews - I just read the 6th review for
      > Chinatown
      > Anyone out
      > here played it more than once know what's what with the game?

      David and I played Chinatown a few times in Munich when it was new.
      I liked it the first time (we were all newbies to the game), but the
      other times really turned me off of it. I always mosey-ed on over to
      another table when it was pulled out at the gaming group on Long

      It's just one of those games that can bring out the worst in
      negotiating and negotiators. The problem is, as Craig said I think,
      that if you can't get in on trades, you can really be shut out of a
      game entirely. Additionally, it is possible to calculate almost
      exactly how much each side will benefit from a trade, which can make
      the scheming really evil. Those last two times I played it was with
      players who always need to win and who were merciless with their deal-
      making. A la: "Yeah, yeah you're only going to make 2,000 while I
      make 15,000 from this deal, but without this you're hosed for the
      rest of the game! Come on, come on, you have no choice." or "If I
      trade with you, I make 8 and you make 4, or I trade with him and he
      makes 3 and I make 7, or with her and then I'm still 4 points up on
      everybody, so it doesn't matter."

      This once again proves Jenn's theory that it's not just the game, but
      also who you're playing it with! I still want to believe, however,
      that there are some negotiating games out there where this kind of
      thing doesn't or possibly even can't happen and that Chinatown is a
      little weak in this regard (but perhaps they're all like this and
      they're just not for me). What say you negotiator types out there???

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