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462Re: [Unity_Games] B&N Gaming - July 31, 2000

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  • Mark Edwards
    Jul 31, 2000
      Dave Bernazzani wrote:

      > Football is my least-liked favorite sport and so looses out to
      > game night (now if were US Open Tennis...). I figured that's
      > where you were and possibly others. I guess we won't see Mark
      > the Hedgehog for 6 months. Wait... maybe that means 6 more
      > months of peaceful gaming! Hip-hip-hooray...

      Heat Miser,

      The word is "loses", not "looses". Get that spell checker fixed, it's out of control!
      Aha! I knew you were communist, how can you not like football?!? Or do you like it, I'm not sure what "least-liked favorite sport" means.
      And don't you fret, I won't be interested in all of the Monday night contests. You'll be seeing me again. "...from hell's heart I stab at thee, with my last breath I spit at thee..." To misquote Khan who was probably misquoting Ahab.

      > Well, I suppose *I* missed you a little - sniff... sniff... We
      > played your favorite - Aladdin's Dragons!

      Well I can only thank my lucky stars that I wasn't there. Although I would've liked to have gotten in on the Members Only game, if only to keep Jonathan from beating up on the MO rookies. He's a shark I tell yah! ;-)

      Cold Miser

      Mark Edwards
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