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4247Re: [Unity_Games] SR from Wed Mar 28 (BLAH XXIX)

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  • Craig Massey
    Mar 2, 2001
      --- AndAgainMA@... wrote:

      > What are your preferred 5 starting tiles for
      > Samurai?

      I usually draw the following tiles to start (for those
      taking notes, next time I play, I'll draw something
      completely different): the Ronin (guy on the horse), a
      3 tile of each color, and usually the 2 boat, though
      sometimes I'll draw the tile swap. I find that having
      the ronin in your hand is often key to winning a key
      city early in the game and I like having the tile swap
      early so I can use it any time. Nothing is worse than
      drawing it late in the game when it is often useless.

      > ps I did try to goad Craig into attending. I told
      > him that his Bluffin' rival, the Cashmore Kid, would
      > be there. I asked him if he wanted to be the answer
      > to the riddle: What do you get if you cross a weasel
      > with a chicken? But to no avail.

      Your feeble jedi mind tricks are useless against

      Craig W. Massey

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